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The PDVSA logo is based on a sun-shaped, ornamented petroglyph, represented in the Guarataro stone, which is located in Caicara del Orinoco. The symbol of the sun as energy source is associated to the company.
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PDVSA Intevep and Air Liquide exchanged technical expertise

Working groups were set up to assess potential partnerships to boost the national hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries

Minister Del Pino met with president of OPEC

People's Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, held a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Industry of Qatar, Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada. This is the third stop in his trip of oil producing countries, members and non-members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries (OPEC)
Minister Del Pino continued tour of OPEC and non OPEC countries in Oman

Minister Al Ruhmy reiterated his support for the Venezuelan initiatives to stabilize the market

PDVSA starts production of non-associated gas well in western Venezuela

Production of the SRA-1 well, located in San Ramon field, will strengthen the electrical, industrial and petrochemical sectors in the state of Zulia, with 8.6 million standard cubic feet per day of non-associated gas

Minister Del Pino met with his Iranian counterpart

The Minister of Petroleum of Iran, Bijan Namdar Zangeneh, told Minister Del Pino that he agrees with the proposal of Venezuela to hold an extraordinary OPEC meeting with the participation of non OPEC producers. Del Pino said that six other countries have approved the proposal

Minister Del Pino held working meeting with President of Rosneft

They discussed a possible coordination of efforts to stabilize the world oil market. They met at the headquarters of the Russian state oil company

Venezuela seeks agreements for world energy market equilibrium

An extraordinary meeting of producers could generate strategic agreements for the stabilization of oil prices

PDVSA and Gazprombank strengthen cooperation

As part of his visit to the Russian Federation, People's Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, held a working meeting with Vice President of Gazprombank, Boris Ivanov, to review the status of the fruitful cooperation that has developed through Petrozamora
Minister Del Pino discussed the oil market situation with Russia’s Alexander Novak

People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, and the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, discussed the current situation of the world oil market and various aspects of bilateral energy cooperation
Minister Del Pino begins tour of oil producing countries

The oil minister will visit Russia, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia as he drums up support for the recovery of the oil prices

PDVSA and Pequiven sign agreements on new petrochemical projects

This is part of the Hydrocarbons Driver of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda

Minister Del Pino on quick tour of OPEC and non OPEC countries

"We have a concrete proposal for pricing and the stabilization of the oil market, but the geopolitical interests of the empire have prevented it. Venezuela has the proposal to achieve an equilibrium price with real arguments. We must stop this madness”, said the Head of State

PDVSA average production cost is $13 per barrel

Minister Del Pino said the national oil corporation is working to keep profitability in a difficult year for the prices
Venezuela proposes extraordinary OPEC meeting in February

People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) Eulogio Del Pino, held a meeting with his counterpart from Ecuador, Carlos Pareja. Both countries have contributed to the global campaign for the stabilization of oil prices and strengthen the founding objectives of the Organization

PDVSA reduces financial debt by 2 billion dollars

Despite falling oil prices, the Venezuelan oil industry has met its debt service and is working on strategies that contribute to its profitability

President Maduro "The time has come to take the reins of the oil market"

The Head of State spoke today with the president of Iran to coordinate actions for the recovery of the oil prices

Minister Del Pino: "Diversifying foreign revenue sources is key"

"We are going through a storm and we have to agree to pull in together", said the minister who is also president of PDVSA

Minister Del Pino: We are going throughout the country to explain the scope of the emergency decree

The minister said that the communication and economic war against Venezuela will not stop the progress of the Bolivarian Revolution which defends and favors the people

Two new members appointed to PDVSA Board of Directors

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A . (PDVSA) announces the appointment of two new members to the Board of Directors of the Company, by decree N° 2183 of the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, published in Official Gazette N° 40826 of January 12, 2016, in accordance with the existing legal framework
President Maduro: the country must aim at a new productive economy

Despite the drop in oil prices, which has resulted in a decrease of more than 62% of Venezuela's revenues, the revolutionary government has weathered the crisis while safeguarding the social protection model

Guayana Socialist Plan promotes job creation

The Presidential Commission is working hard to reactivate the entire production system in the region and the mining sector

Oil working class is gathering in La Campiña to support collective bargaining agreement 2015-2017

Oil workers will mobilize from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining-PDVSA Complex in La Campiña, to Miraflores Palace to deliver the closing document to Workers’ President Nicolás Maduro

Oil workers start marching

With great joy the oil working class is going to Miraflores Palace, where President Nicolás Maduro will sign the collective bargaining agreement 2015-2017

Venezuela has a solid oil company that defends the revolution

"We will not allow our sovereignty to be tainted, as the unpatriotic right has tried to make us see", said the oil minister

President Maduro urged to undo the "oil war"

The Head of State urged Minister Del Pino to revive all efforts before the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to stop the price war and stabilize the world oil market

President Maduro signed the Collective Bargaining Agreement of the Oil Workers 2015-2017

Oil workers marched to Miraflores Palace to have workers' President Nicolás Maduro sign the agreement. They reaffirmed their responsibility to defend the gains of the Bolivarian revolution, and make sure that the production of hydrocarbons benefits all Venezuelans

PDVSA Agrícola promotes nutritional management of cattle in Barinas

Among the achievements of 2015 is the production of 150,000 liters of milk delivered to state-owned dairy company Lácteos Los Andes

PDVSA modern port terminal ensures reliable operations in 2016

An intensive program of maintenance, restoration of critical assets and expansion is being implemented systematically with the best expertise and full support of PDVSA

The Orinoco Oil Belt was discovered 80 years ago

It covers an area of 55,134 square kilometers (km²) and its current exploitation area is 11,593 km². It is located within the states of Monagas, Delta Amacuro, Anzoátegui and Guárico

PDVSA Agrícola planted 180 hectares of sorghum in the state of Barinas

Production units of this PDVSA affiliate handle cereal crops, sugar cane varieties and livestock

President Nicolás Maduro announces cabinet changes

During a television and radio address to the nation, President Nicolás Maduro confirmed Eulogio Del Pino as People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA)

President Nicolás Maduro announces cabinet changes

During a television and radio address to the nation, President Nicolás Maduro confirmed Eulogio Del Pino as People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA)

Collective bargaining agreement will benefit more than 83,000 oil workers

The new bargaining agreement focuses on bringing benefits to the families of workers with the approval of the social wage, and the provision of uniforms and school supplies for the children of those in the workforce

Amuay: 66 years at the forefront of world refining

Amuay Refinery is the largest in the refining circuit of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., with a processing capacity of 635,000 barrels per day

PDVSA announces suspension of the start of gas exports to Colombia

Following instructions by the People’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A . (PDVSA) announces the temporary suspension of the start of gas exports to Colombia in order to deal with the effects of the weather phenomenon El Niño on the national electrical grid. PDVSA also confirms that all gas production operations in the country remain normal
Minister Del Pino: "Successful FPO exploitation model will be used for the development of the mining arc"

"We are going to develop this mining arc with the vision that our Commander Hugo Chávez had, with the picture he had. This place has an extraordinary potential. In the area there are already small developments from artisanal miners; we are calling on them so that they are formalized”, said the minister of Petroleum and Mining

Petrochemistry and mining laws are key to continue with the development of the country

"The Reform of the Law for the Development of Petrochemical Activities is key to continue the social development of the country", said Minister Del Pino during an interview on the "Global Connection" show broadcast by TeleSur

PDVSA Agrícola promotes food production in the country

In 2015, Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A .(PDVSA), through its PDVSA Agrícola affiliate, provided service and support to small and medium producers for harvest mechanization and hauling, dispatching, cattle breeding, fattening and raising, as well as the planting of plants for medicinal use. This is all with the aim of ensuring access to high quality animal and vegetable protein to the Venezuelan people, and promoting domestic food production
President Maduro enacted 5 enabling laws in favor of the people

The Head of State signed the Organic Law that Reserves to the State the Exploration and Exploitation of Gold and Other Strategic Minerals, the "Mining Development Plan 2016-2018", and the reform of the Organic Law for the Development of Petrochemical Activities in order to generate foreign currency revenues for the country
PDVSA ensures fuel supply during the holiday season

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), through its Domestic Market General Directorate, informs the public that fuel supply throughout the country is fully guaranteed
PDVSA rejects new international campaign to discredit company

Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) denounces an international discredit campaign made through certain media to link alleged wrongful acts committed by Venezuelan citizens and businesses to the national oil company
RPN-83 well reached 18 million cubic feet of gas thanks to novel production technique

Concentric completion has increased hydrocarbon extraction in the reservoirs of central Anzoátegui state

President Maduro: "We have no alternative but to break with the oil rentier system"

"There is a war of oil markets. A situation Commander Chávez fought against and managed to stabilize, leading to the rescue of OPEC”, said the president

Perla field among the top five gas development projects worldwide

The world acknowledges Venezuela as a gas power. The development of this project represents a milestone in the history of gas in the country

New executive director of fiscal audit appointed in PDVSA

The selection process followed national legislation guidelines in order to ensure impartiality in carrying out the duties of control over state assets, said Minister of Petroleum and Mining Eulogio Del Pino

PDVSA and ENI evaluate opportunities for the growth of investment in offshore gas projects

People's Minister of Petroleum and Mining and president of Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, held a working meeting with Claudio Descalzi, president of the Italian oil and gas company Eni. They assessed the development of the Perla field in the Gulf of Venezuela, the current situation of international markets, and short term potential scenarios
Vacuum distillation unit tower installed to process crude of the Orinoco Oil Belt

Puerto La Cruz Refinery aims to change its refining pattern with a deep conversion project and maximize crude processing with HDHPLUS® technology, developed by PDVSA’s technology branch

PDVSA reports normal activities in all operational areas

On Sunday, December 6th, Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) reports normal operations throughout the industry, as the Venezuelan people exercise their right to vote in the parliamentary elections of 2015
Oil Minister Del Pino said before the 168th OPEC meeting: “Venezuela’s proposal is on the table”

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, warned at the start of his speech in the 168th Meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), that a reduction in oil output of OPEC’s member countries is necessary to prevent a steeper fall in prices
Venezuela’s oil minister met with his OPEC counterparts

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, held a meeting on Thursday with the oil ministers from Iraq, Iran, Algeria and Ecuador in Vienna, Austria, to discuss the current situation in the international oil market. The representatives of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) also met to examine possible strategies for tackling the challenges ahead
OPEC countries seek agreement to ensure stabilization of the oil market

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, held a second meeting with his counterparts from nine member countries of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), ahead of the 168th Ministerial Meeting of OPEC with the aim of sharing possible strategies related to the current market situation
President Maduro arrives in Tehran to attend the 3rd GECF Summit

In parallel to his participation in the 3rd Presidential Meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), the Venezuelan Head of State met with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin
President Maduro is committed to fair prices for the stability of the gas market

The Third Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries focuses its attention on the use of this resource for the sustainable development of peoples
Oil Minister Del Pino participated in the 17th Ministerial Meeting of the GECF

In the context of the Ministerial Meeting, Venezuela’s representative Eulogio Del Pino, talked with the oil ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bijam Namdar Zanganeh and the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, on aspects related to the stability of the international oil market
Minister Del Pino to pursue bilateral agenda with oil producers

The Bolivarian government promotes a policy of consensus among crude oil producers OPEC and non-OPEC in order to stabilize the international oil market
Minister Del Pino: revelations of NSA spying on PDVSA show the attempts to disrupt our company

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, said that the interventionist activities disclosed on Wednesday are not an isolated event. “We have complained to the U.S. government about the inquisitive interviews to PDVSA top officials when they visit the U.S. Embassy to apply for a visa to the United States in order to attend work meetings
Venezuela’s oil minister: Petrocaribe points to a productive trade for our peoples

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining announced, in an interview with multi-state TV network TeleSUR, part of what will be his address to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), to be held on Thursday in Washington. He highlighted the advantages and importance of the Energy Agreement, as a regional cooperation mechanism
Petrocaribe moves towards diversification and expansion of the model

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining Eulogio Del Pino confirmed the main goal of this integration mechanism: ensuring energy security in the region
Minister Del Pino outlined the achievements of Petrocaribe at the OAS

Petrocaribe is an unprecedented mechanism that promotes a new way of exchange, sovereignty, energy security and socio-economic development between Venezuela and the Caribbean countries
Del Pino: we point to an equilibrium price

The People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino, reiterated in an exclusive interview to the TV network RT, the initiative of Venezuela and other oil producing countries to stabilize crude oil prices in the international market
President Maduro decries U.S. spying on PDVSA

The Venezuelan Head of State instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the Chargé d’ affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela, and to deliver a letter of protest to the official requiring an explanation from the U.S government, in view of this action, that he described as a violation to international law
Minister Del Pino met with his Saudi counterpart

Minister Del Pino inaugurated the South American Oil and Gas Congress

Research projects by the oil workers will be presented at the event, projects that are timely and relevant to the country

Technology and human resource are key to the development of FPO

Service companies assume the technological challenge of the Belt

Minister Del Pino: PDVSA will maintain social contribution despite lower oil prices

"We are saving 6 million liters of gasoline every day. This translates to between 30 and 40 thousand barrels per day, which are now sent to international markets", said the Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, on the impact of the closure of the border with Colombia

With knowledge and unification of criteria we assume production challenges

Maracaibo prepares to host the Third South American Oil and Gas Congress

The congress is organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and is under the auspices of Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA). Major companies in the hydrocarbon business will participate in the event

Minister Del Pino: "Price stability is required in order to incorporate barrels"

"We seek active partners that believe in the future of Venezuela," said Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino, during the installation of the Third South American Oil and Gas Congress in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia

President Maduro: Venezuela will present proposal to stabilize oil market

The president is hoping for a presidential summit of oil producing countries before the end of the year to recover the price of this important natural non renewable resource

Venezuela defends equilibrium price in oil market

In an interview on ANTV, the Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, explained the importance of an "equilibrium price" that would ensure the necessary investment to replace the barrels that potentially would stop being produced in the short term

Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago will begin joint operations in offshore cross-border fields

With a new high-level meeting, the two Caribbean nations move forward with the historic agreement on the unification of hydrocarbon deposits that they share in the waters of the Atlantic. The Trinidadian foreign minister praised the efforts of the Venezuelan government to stabilize the oil market

Minister Del Pino: Socialist Guayana Plan supports domestic production

The chairman of the Presidential Commission of the Socialist Guayana Plan, Eulogio Del Pino, highlighted the most important achievements to date in terms of industrial revival and social justice, the result of a President Nicolas Maduro initiative

Oil workers share experiences on crude oil production and recovery in Beijing

PDVSA specialists review the progress of the Sinovensa Integrated Project to boost production using cutting edge technology. The project is located in the Carabobo block of the Orinoco Oil Belt

Minister Del Pino: "Equilibrium prices guarantee the stability of the international oil market"

Minister of Petroleum and Mining Eulogio Del Pino champions the Venezuelan proposal as a responsible position from the standpoint of oil producing nations
Venezuela proposes strategy for global oil market stability

Minister Del Pino said oil reservoirs worldwide will decline by 10% in the coming years and that only 70% of that production can be replaced with oil prices in the range of $40

President Maduro: Venezuela calls for stability of the oil market

Venezuela proposes strategy for global oil market stability

Minister Del Pino said oil reservoirs worldwide will decline by 10% in the coming years and that only 70% of that production can be replaced with oil prices in the range of $40
Minister Del Pino arrives in Vienna to participate in an OPEP and non OPEC technical meeting

Venezuela promotes an intense international agenda geared towards the strengthening of OPEC and the continuing dialog between oil producers, with the aim of developing joint strategies for the fair valuation of an important resource, such as oil
President Maduro: "Petrocaribe is a beautiful and powerful reality in our peoples"

From the Hugo Chavez liquefied gas plant in Grenada, the Venezuelan Head of State said that it has been demonstrated that "in 10 years, Petrocaribe is the model: energy stability of the region"
Chinese Ambassador tours production field of Petrolera Sinovensa

The new Chinese ambassador to Venezuela, Zhao Bentang, visited the operational area of PDVSA Petrolera Sinovensa to assess the progress of projects underway to increase oil production at the Hugo Chavez Orinoco Oil Belt, and strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between China and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Petrolera Sinovensa is in Morichal field, at the belt’s Carabobo division
Venezuela acquires 25% stake in oil company in Antigua and Barbuda

"Ten years after its creation, Petrocaribe is a reality and it is our starting point, our foundation to build a powerful economic zone", said President Nicolas Maduro in Saint John's
PDVSA acquires equity participation in the company with the largest presence in the Caribbean

WIOC has fuel storage, distribution and commercialization operations throughout the Eastern Caribbean
Amuay and Cardon Refineries are operational

Repairs are being made to the regenerator of Cardon’s fluidized catalytic cracking unit, which will be operational by mid next week
Minister Del Pino: “Presidential tour relaunched Petrocaribe as an economic power”

Venezuela and Suriname advance towards new levels of cooperation

After a meeting that both heads of state deemed historic, Presidents Nicolas Maduro and Desire Bouterse announced their intention to promote a new and better stage of bilateral cooperation
First orchestra and choir of El Sistema in Haiti debuted in Port au Prince

"The cooperation between Haiti and Venezuela will be forever. Petrocaribe is more than an energy agreement, fuel and power plants. We want to provide fuel for the soul and that’s what music is. Through Petion Bolivar this has come true”, said Bernardo Alvarez

President Maduro: “The future of oil should be the stability of the market and the prices”

The Head of State said that Venezuela will propose a meeting of Heads of State and Government of OPEC and non OPEC countries aimed at coordinating a strategic policy for the next 10 years
PDVSA strengthens alliances with Corporación Siderúrgica de Venezuela-Ferrominera del Orinoco

This agreement is part of the strategy for the massification of ORIMATITA® a densifying technology, created by the PDVSA affiliate Intevep, used in drilling operations in the oil industry
Venezuela and Bolivia will strengthen energy cooperation

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, held a meeting with President of Bolivia Evo Morales to assess and expand bilateral cooperation through a 10 year plan, as part of the ALBA Energy Agreement between the two nations
Dredging work underway to increase the navigability of Manzanares River

PDVSA is dredging the Manzanares River in order to increase its navigability and turn it into a hub of sustainable development, tourism, and fishing for the region
Oil ministers of Russia and Venezuela discussed OPEC cooperation

Minister Del Pino announced that on October 21 there will be a technical meeting of OPEC and non OPEC countries
PDVSA Petrocedeño reaches 2 million 500 thousand hours without accidents in upgrader

Petrocedeño workers achieved this milestone as a result of the operational reliability of its processes and the implementation of policies, rules and procedures for safe practices in the workplace
PDVSA signs sponsorship contract with the Venezuelan Football Federation

For a decade, the Bolivarian government has supported the growth of national football through PDVSA and is committed to the development of the “Golden Generation”
Metal beams for the central span of Commander Chavez Bridge reach Cumana

The Commander Chavez Bridge will ease road traffic congestion and will connect the northeastern and southern parts of the region
PDVSA participates in Expo Aragua Potencia 2015

The strength of PDVSA’s oil and gas operations was on display at the exposition
Amuay and Cardon Refineries gradually restart operations

Electricity service has already been restored to the Paraguana Refining Center, and the community of Judibana, neighboring Amuay Refinery
Working group meetings begin for Petrocaribe Civil Protection System

Through participatory leadership, they will design, develop and manage prevention and immediate response to safeguard life and property, with the participation of trained and organized communities
Bolivarian government bolsters oil strategy in the world

Delegations of Venezuela and Palestine agreed to form the Petropalestine alliance between Petroleos de Venezuela, SA, and the General Petroleum Cooperation of the State of Palestine, which bolsters the commercial and oil strategy of Venezuela in the world
Nicolas Maduro: “The world needs a new geopolitics of peace”

The Head of State said that Latin America and the Caribbean have made progress on the process of building a new multipolar world with the development of a new regionalism based on mutual respect and cooperation
Venezuela celebrates the 15th anniversary of the historic Second Summit of Heads of State and Government of OPEC

The meeting was held in Caracas, the birthplace of Simon Bolivar, the father of the strategy of unity among the nations

Minister Del Pino: PDVSA workers bring Lake Pilot Project to successful completion

The execution of a new proposal by a group of workers from Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) in western Venezuela to increase production in Lake Maracaibo, ended with the addition of more than 10 thousand barrels of oil per day net, and 30 million cubic feet of gas per day
Puerto La Cruz Refinery 65 years supplying petroleum products to domestic and international markets

Puerto La Cruz Refinery reaches its 65th anniversary contributing to the development of the country; a scheduled maintenance policy ensures proper functioning and the fulfillment of its mission
Venezuela delivers 300 Petrocasas to families in Dominica

On behalf of the people of Venezuela, President Maduro delivered this set of homes and said that it was Supreme Commander of the Revolution, Hugo Chavez, "The teacher. He taught us that another world is possible; to go from a world of isolation and decay to a world of integration, of understanding; to go from a diplomacy of words to a diplomacy of action, solidarity, respect among the peoples"
PDVSA participates in Heavy Oil Latin America 2015

Topics related to the the extraction, production, refining, and transportation of heavy oil will be discussed at the event
Bolivarian government promotes cooperation agreements in the Caribbean

“Petrocaribe is responsible today for the social, political, economic, and energy stability of Latin America and the Caribbean”, said President Maduro
High level commission initiates energy and trade round table discussions

"Through the energy agreement we are broadening our horizons of cooperation and trade in goods and services between the two nations," Foreign Minister Rodriguez
Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago strengthen energy cooperation

They set out the basic principles for the development of the Loran-Manatee field on the border shared by both countries
Foreign Minister Rodríguez: "Petrocaribe preserves the human rights of the peoples"

The foreign minister and the Executive Vice President Jorge Arreaza, arrived in St. Kitts and Nevis on the occasion of its 32nd independence anniversary
Petrocaribe member countries support independence and sovereignty of Venezuela

They released a communiqué acknowledging the democratic rule of law and the full exercise of the judiciary in Venezuela, and condemned the meddling of foreign countries in Venezuelan affairs
Socialist Guayana Plan reports progress on social projects in the region

At the Eighth Meeting of the Presidential Commission of the Socialist Guayana Plan, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino, said that there have been concrete results on the recovery of the production system in the state of Guayana
President Maduro supports strengthening of OPEC

He explained that a price floor of $70 ensures “the necessary replacement investment for the world’s energy stability”
Venezuela and Saudi Arabia create First High Level Joint Commission

“As President Nicolás Maduro said, our diplomacy is actively involved in the defense of energy resources”, said Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez during the opening of the First High Level Joint Commission Venezuela-Saudi Arabia
President Maduro: “Venezuela proposes a crude base price to stabilize the oil market”

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, said that "Venezuela declares itself in constant activity with OPEC to achieve stability of the prices of our fundamental resource that sustains our economy, and is building a new alliance between OPEC and non-OPEC countries which is necessary for the economy and humanity, in the spirit of the founders of this organization"
Minister Del Pino: "OPEC must ensure the sustainability of energy resources that humanity needs"

The People's Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA said that OPEC "must become a stronger player in geopolitics, geoeconomics, and the social, in the ongoing search for peace and balance on the road of justice"
President Maduro commends Venezuelans that supported OPEC

He recalled that OPEC member nations, "with Venezuela leading the way, managed to unite to defend the main natural resource in the world and establish mechanisms for independent production, market stability and management of prices with sovereignty"
OPEC is the best alternative to preserve our natural resources

On the 55th anniversary event of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) at the Ministry of Petroleum--PDVSA Complex in Caracas, former OPEC Secretary General Ali Rodriguez Araque, and the Minister of Hydrocarbons of Ecuador Pedro Merizalde Pavon, guests of honor at the event, considered important to maintain the unity among OPEC member countries in defense of the sovereignty over their natural resources
Eulogio Del Pino: "Energy should be the key driver for integration"

The World Energy Council (WEC) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), with the support of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MEER) of Ecuador, are hosting the South American Energy Council (CES) at the headquarters of UNASUR in the city of Quito
Venezuela wants to strengthen regional energy integration

“The driver of energy integration is definitely energy; it is oil and gas. A goal is wide distribution throughout our region. To achieve energy interconnection is a historic responsibility”, said Eulogio Del Pino
Venezuela and Ecuador exchange strategies on stability of the energy market

Both countries support a common oil policy that allows nations around the world to continue paying their social debt
President Maduro outlined results of his working tour of four countries

"We need to take control of the oil market that has been destabilized by financial speculators who installed their abuse mechanisms", said the Head of State who again called for an early summit of OPEC and non-OPEC countries

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) has reviewed the decision by a U.S. Federal Court in New York upholding the acquisition by ConocoPhillips of a stake in the Merey Sweeny refinery in the state of Texas, USA, owned by a PDVSA affiliate
President Maduro: "The Letter of Jamaica drew the liberating path of the Caribbean"

The cause of Bolívar has been and it is an indomitable because it had one destiny: the victory of our people and its independence", said the Head of State
Petrocaribe reaffirms its commitment to solidarity

As part of the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Letter of Jamaica, manuscript issued by the Liberator Simon Bolivar, the representatives of the states that make up the Petrocaribe Energy Cooperation Agreement, held the 10th Summit of Heads of State and /or Government, at the Convention Center of Montego Bay, Jamaica
President Maduro proposes OPEC summit to stabilize oil market

For Venezuela the price should be around 70 dollars per barrel
President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Jamaica

"We are happy to come to this meeting to do our part", said the Head of State

Petrocaribe is consolidated as union strategy

"Let’s take care of the foundational work of our Commander Chavez of our Commander Fidel" said President Nicolas Maduro at the 10th Summit of Heads of State and / or Government of the energy bloc
Jamaican Prime Minister Simpson-Miller: "Petrocaribe has generated a sense of independence in our region"

15 delegations met in the city of Montego Bay to participate in the Tenth Summit of Heads of State and / or Government of Petrocaribe
PDVSA Intevep develops science and technology for the national oil industry

The technology branch of the oil industry now focuses all efforts towards technological sovereignty and maximizes the use of reserves at the Hugo Chavez Orinoco Oil Belt
The Caribbean celebrates unity through energy and the Bolivarian legacy

To mark two decades of Petrocaribe and the 200th anniversary of the Letter of Jamaica, the governments of Venezuela and Jamaica have scheduled a series of commemorative events
Petrocaribe will show advances during its tenth anniversary

Venezuela and China agree on financing for oil projects

The Venezuelan Head of State announced the installation of a factory for medium and heavy trucks in Venezuela during the broadcast of his TV program “In Contact with Maduro” number 38, from the Hugo Chavez Hall at the Embassy of Venezuela in Beijing
Venezuelan government analyzes strategies for the stabilization of the oil market

The latest bulletin released by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) acknowledges concern over the oil prices, shared with other market players, and therefore would be willing to take steps toward a stabilization agreement
PDVSA promotes alliances for the development of the national gas industry

The Venezuelan oil industry has implemented offshore projects that support the economic and social development of the nation. Gas is one of the most strategic hydrocarbons for the industry
Fire under control at Cardon IV gas plant

The affiliate PDVSA Gas immediately activated the contingency plan to ensure the supply of gas to the thermoelectrical, domestic and industrial sectors of western Venezuela
Venezuela and Vietnam sign oil and gas agreements

The nations signed new agreements that will strengthen bilateral relations in the energy and commercial areas. This is a show of confidence in the Venezuelan economy
PDVSA young professionals will be trained in India

The program, of strategic value to the Venezuelan oil industry, will offer higher education studies in BRICS countries to 100 PDVSA professionals each year
Minister Del Pino: “We are showing the country that they count on the oil industry workers”

During his participation in the Great March in support of the state of exception measures taken by the Venezuelan Head of State, the Oil and Mining Minister and President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino, said that with this show of support the oil and mining workers demonstrate what homeland means
Oil and mining workers start great march against paramilitarism

Oil and mining workers led by high ranking energy officials gathered at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining-PDVSA complex in La Campiña, Caracas, to start a mach headed to Miraflores Palace in support of recent measures taken by President Nicolas Maduro
President Maduro travels to China and Vietnam in defense of oil prices

The Head of State announced that the Venezuelan crude basket price rallied to 42 dollars per barrel. The Bolivarian Government will continue with the social missions and programs
President Maduro: The people united will overcome all difficulties together with the revolutionary government

The Head of State said that the drop of the oil prices will not affect the social benefits accomplished in revolution
Amuay, three years from the criminal sabotage

Three years ago on August 25, 2012, the country was startled by the news of criminal sabotage that caused a fire in the Amuay Refinery, part of the Paraguana Refinery Center in the state of Falcon. The explosion in the storage area of Block 23 became indelible in the memory of a nation that went into mourning because of vested interests against the peace of the nation
Paraguana Refining Center restarts Catalytic Cracking Unit at Cardon

After scheduled maintenance, repair tasks were completed following strict compliance with security protocols and according to plan
Asdrubal Chavez met with new Petroleum and Mining Minister Eulogio Del Pino

The outgoing Oil and Mining Minister Asdrubal Chavez, and the newly appointed one and President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino held a meeting at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining-PDVSA Complex in Caracas, and wrote about it in their Twitter accounts @AChavezPetroMin and @delpinoeulogio
Presidential High Commission for Scientific, Technological and Economic Independence installed

The president said that new habits must be created on how to produce in Venezuela and promote import substitution
President Maduro: the future of the Orinoco Oil Belt belongs to the working class

The Head of State commemorated together with the oil workers the creation and implementation of this Plan conceived by Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez with a socialist vision anchored in the oil industry
Oil workers presented PDVSA Strategic Plan for the next 10 years

The Head of State said that the realization of socialism must be supported by the physical and intellectual work and above all we must trust the wisdom and ability of the working class
Technologies created by PDVSA boost the National Plan 2013-2019

During a live national TV broadcast, the Head of State spoke about projects and advances in hydrocarbon technology with oil workers from the Experimental Production Center (CEPRO), located in Tia Juana, Simon Bolivar municipality, Zulia state
Vice President Arreaza highlights cooperation between Venezuela and Guyana

In the coming days the Venezuelan Vice President will visit Haiti and Belize to present to their authorities the vision of Venezuela on the historical claim of the Essequibo

Venezuela and Ecuador assess strategy for the recovery of oil prices

"We declare ourselves in action, we are not going to sit back and do nothing. From this region of peace, such as Latin America and the Caribbean, we will defend our energy resources”, said Delcy Rodríguez

Presidential Commission of the Socialist Guayana Plan presented achievements

Vice President of the Social Area Hector Rodriguez, together with the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, announced the results of the 7th meeting of the commission, at Miraflores Palace, Caracas
Petrocaribe contributes to the development of Haiti

Safeguarding the territorial integrity based on respect for the values, principles and constitutional norms are the objectives of the Peace Diplomacy

Venezuela and Ecuador assess strategy for the recovery of oil prices

"We declare ourselves in action, we are not going to sit back and do nothing. From this region of peace, such as Latin America and the Caribbean, we will defend our energy resources”, said Delcy Rodríguez
Paraguana Refining Center supports development of Falcon state

In Falcon state, the work of PDVSA’s Paraguana Refining Center (CRP) it is as big as it is diverse. The creation of the Office of Social Development in 2005, made possible the implementation of regional growth projects
Officials review planning and territorial development for the Hugo Chavez Orinoco Oil Belt

Vice President of Planning and Knowledge Ricardo Menendez, Anzoategui state Governor Aristobulo Isturiz and PDVSA directors held a working meeting in San Tome to approve plans and resources for the development of the greatest crude reservoir in the world
President Maduro: “social investment will not stop”

As part of the 7th meeting of the Presidential Commission of the Socialist Guayana Plan, the Head of State met with the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino and other energy officials to discuss issues related to basic industries, technology and import substitution
Siembra Petrolera Plan reaches 10th anniversary

This plan provides a broad outline of Venezuela’s oil policy reflecting the guidelines of Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez
Eulogio Del Pino named new Minister of Petroleum and Mining

President Nicolas Maduro commended Eulogio Del Pino for his experience and the commitment he has shown throughout his career in the national oil industry
PDVSA Agricola promotes agroindustrial development at the Hugo Chavez Orinoco Oil Belt

The PDVSA Agricola affiliate implements projects at the Hugo Chavez Orinoco Oil Belt to contribute to full food sovereignty and the decentralization of the country
PDVSA activated "Subsidence Zero" Plan in Lagunillas

144 families will be relocated to the "New City Fabricio Ojeda" development in Zulia state, as part of "Subsidence Zero" Plan which relocates high risk communities below the level of Lake Maracaibo
Oil workers graduate from Crude Refining and Upgrading program

34 students from Puerto La Cruz Refinery’s Upgrading Division, Paraguana Refining Center (CRP), and Isla Refinery in Curacao received their Diplomado degree in Refining and Upgrading. This is the third graduating class
PDVSA pays interest to 2022 bondholders

PDVSA informs all holders of PDVSA Bonds maturing in 2022, that payment of interest will be made on Monday, August 17, 2015 corresponding to the semester which ended August 2015
PDVSA will initiate planned shutdown of Cardon Catalytic Unit

PDVSA announces that the Paraguana Refining Center (CRP) will initiate the preventive shutdown of the Cardon Refinery’s Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit on Thursday, August 13
Venezuela will ask for OPEC meeting to defend oil prices

President Nicolas Maduro announced that Venezuela is planning a high level meeting of OPEC in coordination with Russia to take a series of actions with regard to the international oil market
Members appointed to the Presidential Committee for the Electrical Sector

On Tuesday, Executive Vice President Jorge Arreaza held the first meeting of the Presidential Committee for the Electrical Sector at Miraflores Palace. The committee was created to support strategic decision making in the electrical sector, as per presidential decree No. 1,920, published in Official Gazette No. 40,720, dated August 10, 2015. They will answer directly to the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro; Executive Vice President Jorge Arreaza will be the coordinator
Petrocaribe: building the Common Homeland

Member nations can overcome the obstacles to the sovereign management of their energy matrix through Petrocaribe’s supply strategy

Nations of ALBA-TCP and Petrocaribe sign new cooperation agreements

Nicolas Maduro: “ALBA-TCP is a key driver of independence in our continent and represents true unity among our peoples and a powerful peace bloc”
Venezuelan Government starts tour of Caribbean islands in defense of the Essequibo

After the fraudulent Arbitral Award of Paris in 1899, the Venezuelan state has a firm stand against any dispossession of territory and enforces the borders ratified in the Constitution of 1830
China-Venezuela Joint Commission supports the development of Hugo Chavez FPO

The Chinese delegation will develop projects in hydrocarbons, petrochemistry and gas strengthening Venezuela’s historical project to become a power as created by Commander Chavez
Amuay refinery catalytic unit is operating normally

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) announces that the Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit which belongs to the Paraguana Refining Center (CRP) is operating normally after undergoing maintenance
Ribas Mission awarded integral high school diplomas in Barinas

On Thursday, a group of vencedores (winners) received their integral high school diploma thanks to this educational program created by the revolutionary government of Commander Hugo Chavez
San Roque refinery is fully operational

The scheduled preventive maintenance of the processing units that are part of the three refineries that make up PDVSA’s Eastern Refining Circuit, extend the useful life of equipment and guarantee greater security for the workers in the operational area
Tour in defense of the Guyana Esequiba continues successfully

For more than a century, Venezuela has maintained its claim over the Essequibo territory seized by the British Empire

Venezuela is advancing peace diplomacy

The Bolivarian government maintains relations of equality and cooperation with the countries of the world

Chinese investors visit Hugo Chavez Frias Orinoco Oil Belt

President of Sany Group Liang Wengen, expressed to President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino a keen interest in investing on the largest hydrocarbon reservoir in the world

Latin America and the Caribbean continue to be territories of peace

Venezuela continues to promote a diplomacy between sister nations and the legacy of Commander Chavez: solidarity among Latin American and Caribbean nations

Delcy Rodriguez: Heads of State of MERCOSUR support Venezuela

Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Vice President of Foreign Affairs and Internal Director of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) Delcy Rodriguez said on an exclusive interview with Venezolana de Television (VTV) that at their XLVIII Biannual Meeting, the Heads of State of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) rejected the current attitude of Guyana with regard to the Essequibo. They consider that the Geneva Agreement of 1966 is the legal instrument to settle the conflict
Petrocaribe reaches its 10th anniversary uniting the peoples of the region

"The Petrocaribe energy agreement is an instrument of rapprochement, cooperation, unity, mutual assistance and liberation. Through this mechanism Venezuela is playing its rightful role: to cooperate and help," Hugo Chávez Frías
Delcy Rodriguez: Petrocaribe is an extraordinary mechanism of energy and diplomatic Revolution

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez highlighted the importance of Petrocaribe as an extraordinary mechanism that revolutionized the ways in which we relate
Minister Chavez installed the 15th Ministerial Council of Petrocaribe

Ten years after its creation upon the initiative of Commanders Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, Minister of Petroleum and Mining Asdrubal Chavez, said that this integration mechanism "has overcome various crises, without escaping the economic war that the people of Venezuela is living, but here we are strengthened, reaching our goals"
Petrocaribe continues to build a future among brotherly nations of the region

The alternative initiative for solidarity supports a future among brotherly nations with union, self-determination and solidarity

PDVSA agrees to sell share of Chalmette Refining LLC to PBF Energy Inc

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) has reached an agreement to sell its 50 percent ownership in Chalmette Refining LLC in Chalmette, Louisiana to PFB Energy Inc
Delcy Rodríguez appointed vice president of International Affairs of PDVSA

President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro made the official appointment in Gazette No. 40674, dated June 3 of this year. Ms. Rodriguez also becomes internal director of the national oil company
OPEC agrees to maintain production ceiling

Citing a recent price increase, stable global economic growth, future demand growth and lower supplies, OPEC’s supreme body resolves to maintain production at 30 million barrels per day

Minister Chavez: The best way towards achieving market stabilization is through agreement and active cooperation among all producers

The People's Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Asdrúbal Chávez, arrived this morning in Vienna, Austria, to attend the 6th International Seminar and the 167th Ministerial Conference of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
PDVSA and Rosneft evaluate new investment opportunities

President of PDVSA Eulogio Del Pino and President of Rosneft Igor Sechin, discussed the participation of Rosneft in new offshore gas production opportunities, the increase of its equity participation in the joint venture Petromonagas, and crude production increase at the “Hugo Chávez Frías” Orinoco Oil Belt
Petrocaribe promotes Latin America and the Caribbean as a rising power

Leading to the tenth anniversary of Petrocaribe, the Second Technical meeting addresses strategies for core issues that contribute toward new international geopolitics
Molecular sieves installed at PAGMI

The Offshore Executive Office takes another step forward towards the building of the infrastructure to process gas from offshore fields with the installation of six molecular sieves at the Domestic Market Gas Conditioning Plant (PAGMI). This is part of the Mariscal Sucre Project, which has three phases: 300, 600, and 1200 MMCFPD
At the Belt we win all the battles

In 2007, a new chapter started in the history of the largest crude reservoir in the world, with thousands of young professionals committed to the future of the nation and protecting the nation’s energy sovereignty represented by the Hugo Chavez Frias Orinoco Oil Belt
Gas Vice Minister toured facilities in Southern Maracaibo Lake and the Andes

A new concept for energy development in the country starts with block E in Southern Maracaibo Lake reservoir and its potential of more than one trillion cubic feet of natural gas
PDVSA ships 1.5 million barrels per day through JAA Terminal

On Thursday, Jesus Osorio, general manager of the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Storage and Shipping Terminal, reported on the work carried out at the facility. Mr. Osorio said that 1.5 million barrels per day (MMbbls/d) are being shipped which account for approximately 65% of the country's crude exports
Gas Vice Minister inspected “Rafael Urdaneta” project

Gas Vice Minister of the People’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining (MPetroMin) José Gregorio Prieto, conducted an inspection of the “Rafael Urdaneta” Gas Project, Cardón IV block, which recorded a 97 percent progress. During its first phase, 150 million cubic feet of gas will be extracted
Gas Vice Minister toured the Orinoco Oil Belt in an effort to boost gas projects in Guayana

Gas Vice Minister of the People’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining José Gregorio Prieto, toured the operational areas of the "Hugo Chavez Frías" Orinoco Oil Belt in order to boost and activate new sources of gas energy to meet the growing demand of the basic industries of Guayana, located in Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar state
8 years of achievements from the nationalization of the “Hugo Chávez Frías” Orinoco Oil Belt

Eight years after regaining control of the Orinoco Oil Belt, named "Hugo Chavez Frías" on February 18, 2014 after the Eternal Commander, the workers of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) are very proud of having Full Oil Sovereignty
PDVSA pays interest to 2017 bondholders

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) informs all holders of PDVSA Bonds maturing in 2017, that payment of interest will be made on Monday, May 4, 2015 corresponding to the semester which ended May 2015, according to preset conditions on paper issued on October 29, 2010
PDVSA together with the Government of Bolívar state assess energy development plans

The purpose of the meeting was to accelerate the various investment plans undertaken by the Revolution to ensure the economic and social stability of the country and consolidate projects that will turn the Guayana region into the main center of national development
Training exchange agreed between the Ministry of Planning and the company SANY

Vice President for Planning and Knowledge Ricardo Menendez, met in El Palito refinery of Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) with the Chinese company SANY and educational institutions of Carabobo state to establish agreements on the development of the Revolution of knowledge, science, culture and technology in the state
Meetings of Minister Chávez in Qatar have ended successfully

People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining Asdrúbal Chávez finished this Wednesday the third round of meetings in Qatar as part of the tour of the Middle East, accompanied by the Vice President for the Economic Area Rodolfo Marco Torres and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Delcy Rodríguez
Installation of the PP1 Platform begins for the Rafael Urdaneta Project offshore gas production

With the installation of the first gas production platform in the Perla field, in Falcon state, Venezuela takes a step forward in the exploitation of existing resources in the gas offshore belt with the "Rafael Urdaneta " Gas Development Project promoted by Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) with the participation of strategic partners
PDSVA Gas starts testing the first non-associated gas well in western Venezuela

Luis Prieto, manager of Western Gas Production, announced that PDVSA Gas, an affiliate of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA, began testing successfully the well San Ramon-1S (SRA-H1), which has an initial potential of 7.4 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) of non-associated gas, at a pressure of 1,350 psi. The test was supervised by the People’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining. It is the first well of this type to be developed by the gas affiliate in western Venezuela
Petrocaribe continues implementation of Hugo Chavez Action Plan in Central America

Delegations from Venezuela and Nicaragua discussed agro industrial projects that can have an impact on the population and evaluated the financing mechanism to guarantee their execution
Pastor Maldonado: “Results will soon come”

At a press conference via video link on Thursday, where national and international media were invited, Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado, said he was fully prepared and with plenty of experience facing the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he hopes to get the best results for his racing team, Lotus, and Venezuela
OPEC representatives reaffirm their support for Venezuela

People's Minister of Petroleum and Mining Asdrúbal Chávez and Minister of Foreign Affairs Delcy Rodriguez, exchanged ideas for the execution of projects in the Special Economic Zones of the "Hugo Chávez Frías" Orinoco Oil Belt, in a meeting with diplomatic representatives of member nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) accredited to Venezuela
Caribbean countries recognize solidarity through Petrocaribe

The nations celebrated the presence of the Republic of Cuba, included for the first time in the meeting that gathers the heads of state and government of 35 nations from the Americas
President Maduro: “Petrocaribe is guarantee of stability”

The Head of State Nicolás Maduro, recalled that the 10th Anniversary of the Petrocaribe Agreement is coming up and will be celebrated in Jamaica, along with the 200th anniversary of the Jamaica Letter, written by Liberator Simón Bolívar
6 thousand families to benefit from the Hugo Chávez LPG Plant

The Hugo Chávez LPG Plant was inaugurated this Tuesday in Grenada, a product of the Petrocaribe Energy Agreement targeting the most vulnerable. The liquefied petroleum gas filling plant is expected to benefit more than 6 thousand families
Hugo Chávez Fuel Storage and Distribution Plant inaugurated

The governments of Venezuela and St. Vincent and the Grenadines inaugurated on Tuesday the Hugo Chávez Fuel Storage and Distribution Plant, with the goal of maintaining a storage capacity of 20 thousand barrels of diesel, 10 thousand barrels of gasoline, 2 thousand barrels of Jet A1 barrels and 2 thousand barrels of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Oil workers from the Belt present applied technologies at World Heavy Oil Congress

A delegation of six workers from Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), from the "Hugo Chavez Frías" Orinoco Oil Belt, made presentations about the progress and applied technologies for the recovery and production of heavy crude at the World Heavy Oil Congress (WHOC 2015), held in Edmonton, Canada
PDSVA adds 400 million cubic feet per day of gas to the domestic market

Workers of the affiliate PDVSA Gas successfully performed major maintenance on the process compressor number 2 of the new Altagracia compression plant in Guárico state
Petrocaribe nations strengthen cooperation ties

The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister assessed the fair exchange mechanisms of the Petrocaribe Economic Zone and the commercial compensation of goods and services
PDVSA ensures the supply of gasoline to Tachira state

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), through its Domestic Market General Directorate, fully ensures the supply of gasoline to the network of gas stations in Táchira state
Armed commando breaks into PDVSA oil facilities in Monagas state

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) informs that an armed commando broke into the facilities of the Tejero Operations Center, located in the Punta de Mata Division of the Eastern Executive Production Division, Monagas state. They subdued production workers and proceeded to force open doors and handholes with welding equipment for high voltage cables
Successful meeting of ministers Asdrúbal Chávez and Alexander Novak in Moscow

Asdrúbal Chávez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, had a successful meeting this Thursday in Moscow with Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, in which they discussed projects between the two nations
Minister Chavez met with important officials of the People’s Republic of China

People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining Asdrubal Chavez, arrived Friday in Beijing, China, where he held important meetings with senior officials of the Asian giant
Minister Chavez: "Our goal is to collect 10 million signatures to reaffirm our sovereignty"

In a signature drive at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining-PDVSA Complex, in La Campiña, Caracas, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining Asdrubal Chavez, said "the oil, petrochemical and mining workers are giving their full support to this signature drive against the empire in order to repeal the executive order of President Obama. Once again, the oil working class offers its solidarity and commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution and President Nicolas Maduro in this fight that we carry forward. I am certain we will win”
President Maduro: Oil working class leads spectacular consciousness mobilization

"What a spectacular consciousness mobilization you have done! I am impressed to see the streets of Caracas redder than red, full of oil and electrical workers. Such overflowing of love impresses me. Thousands of revolutionaries saying, 'Venezuela must be respected!’, and ‘Obama repeal the executive order now' make me feel that a dignified Homeland stands forever sovereign”
ALBA leaders condemn U.S. aggression against Venezuela

At a Extraordinary Summit held Tuesday in Caracas, the leaders of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) reaffirmed their solidarity and support for the people and government of Venezuela and condemned the interventionism of the United States of America
PDVSA Gas strengthens technological sovereignty

Every day PDVSA Gas workers endeavor to deliver energy to the people. With their own resources, they executed the major maintenance of the Turbocompressor Unit 3 (UTC3) at the Moron Compression Plant in the Central West Region
Representatives from Statoil visited Petrocedeño Upgrader

Representatives of the Norwegian oil company Statoil, led by Executive Vice President of Development and Production International Lars Christian Bacher, visited the upgrader of the PDVSA joint venture Petrocedeño, Upgrading Division, at the José Antonio Anzoátegui Industrial Complex (CIJAA), in Barcelona
Gas Comunal expands heavy duty fleet

Gas Comunal, an affiliate of Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), in partnership with the Corporación Nacional de Logística y Transporte de Carga (Corpologística) under the People’s Ministry of Transport and Public Works, received the first fifteen heavy duty truck tractors from the interinstitutional agreement between Venezuela and China, in a ceremony held at the assembly plant of JAC Motors of Venezuela, located in Yaracuy state. This is the result of policies by the Revolutionary Government to strengthen its institutions, toward the construction of Bolivarian Socialism
The Antiimperialista Act was approved to strengthen national sovereignty

The National Assembly (AN) approved with a qualified majority on Sunday, the Enabling Act Antiimperialista requested by the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to defend Bolívar´s land from imperial aggression, just after the 9th of March, when US President Barack Obama issued an executive order declaring a national emergency because of the "unusual and extraordinary threat" that, according to Washington, Venezuela means for the US country
In order to improve the release of domestic gas, distribution Service works with organized communities to fulfill the goal

Following the guidelines established by the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Community Gas, through the National Joint Management with community power, accelerates transfer distribution service to organized communities through eighty-nine successful experiences that currently give answers to the people and the commitment to carry plus eleven in 2015
Oil workers and miners refused new imperialist interference

MPetroMin workers, PDVSA and its affiliated entities repudiated President Barack Obama attitude toward Venezuela and expressed their full support for the constitutional President Nicolas Maduro
Maduro: Petrocaribe is the project of greatest impact on the region

Within the strategic line of strengthening and expansion of this cooperation agreement, Venezuela proposed to invest 200 million dollars more to ALBA -Caribbean Fund for the development of complementary and alternative energy sources projects in 2015
PDVSA President and Schlumberger CEO agree on deepening cooperation in the Venezuelan oil sector

Del Pino was pleased with the development of the cooperative relationship between the two companies and he welcomed Schlumberger’s readiness to increase the amount of the existing credit line
President Maduro confirms support for regional integration initiative Petrocaribe

He announced a joint diplomatic effort by Celac and Unasur in defense of Venezuela and against the interventionist policies of the United States
PDVSA and ENI evaluated positively the progress of Oil Belt and Offshore joint projects

The presidents of both companies, Eulogio Del Pino and Claudio Descalzi, give effect to the commitment to regular monitoring developments Petrojunín, Petrobicentenario and Campo Perla
The First Venezuelan Congress of Natural Gas was opened on Margarita’s Island

The president of PDVSA, Eulogio Del Pino, led the event and presented a set of projects to enhance the national gas industry
Caracas will host the 14th Meeting of the Ministerial Council of Petrocaribe

The initiative has enabled sustained growth of its members states promoting equality and quality of life of the people through economic and social policies based on cooperation and solidarity
Petrocaribe: Caribbean union to develop the Peoples way of living

One of the great achievements of the management, in oil of the revolutionary government of Commander Hugo Chavez was the conformation of a true Caribbean integration, for the energetic and social development of the people through Petrocaribe, an alliance that consolidated international politics and now nine years later is more relevant than ever
PDVSA pays interest to holders of Petrobonos 2014, 2015 and 2016

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) informs holders of Petrobonos with maturities in 2014, 2015 and 2016, that payment will be made on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 of bond principal and interest on Petrobono 2014 as well as interest on Petrobono 2015 and Petrobono 2016, corresponding to the semester ending October 2014 and according to the preset conditions in the papers issued on October 28, 2009
Advance basic engineering programs in the Orinoco Oil Belt "Hugo Chavez"

On the first day of Heavy Oil Latin America Congress, HOLA 2014, sponsored by Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), the most important aspects of the growth of production of Oil Belt and the future of new business areas were presented
PDVSA inspected progress of comprehensive remediation project of the Catia La Mar Plant

This work developed by the subsidiary PDVSA Engineering & Construction is part of the first phase of the modernization and expansion of the Fuel Storage Plant in Catia La Mar, located in the Vargas state, which currently supplies the largest airport of the country
TOTAL delegation toured facilities Petrocedeño

The delegation from the French company TOTAL, PDVSA's partner in the joint venture Petrocedeño met plans of industrial safety, environment, and occupational hygiene paths within the next breeder plant stoppage 2014
PDVSA Gas performed predictive maintenance to the Santa Rosa-San Joaquin racer

In order to evaluate the proper efficient operation of pipelines, PDVSA Gas held in the third quarter two instrumented inspections in operational areas of Santa Rosa-San Joaquin, in the state of Anzoategui
A Favorable End For The Republic In The Long Legal Battle Of ExxonMobil Against The Country

Statement released by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Rafael Ramírez Carreño, facing the decision of the arbitral tribunal ICSID
Fuel supply in the metropolitan area is guaranteed

DG National Market of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), responsible for the supply of fuel in the country, confirms the full supply of gasoline in the metropolitan area of Caracas as it has enough fuel to meet the daily demand according to the number of vehicles in circulation
PDVSA Industrial increases production of lubricants in Vassa Guacara Plant

In order to ensure the country's oil for your car, and factory machinery at fair prices
PDVSA Intevep provides technical assistance to strengthen the efforts of oil production

Through its technology subsidiary, PDVSA strengthens products and services developed at home in order to increase oil production
PDVSA Engineering & Construction inspected project progress of Naphtha Stripper Plant

This work, whose completion is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015, will have the capacity to process 270,000 barrels of diluted crude for early production of crudes from the Orinoco Oil Belt "Hugo Chavez"
Rosneft and PDVSA signed crude and product supply agreement

The Minister Ramírez said that this agreement is part of the support to develop ambitious projects included in the plans of PDVSA, as the Orinoco Oil Belt
There are moving gas projects to increase production

President of PDVSA , Rafael Ramírez , will meet next June with presidents of companies Eni and Repsol. He will also attend the Ministerial Meeting of the OPEC
PDVSA added three new tugs to its shipping fleet

The new vessels " Bachaco ", " Arañero " and " Tribilín" were built in shipyards in Turkey and will be used to expand the operation of the docking and undocking maneuvers of PDV Marina
A balance in production and oil market stability should exist on producing countries

“Petroleos de Venezuela is a public company, subject to the Venezuelan state and it is measured its performance for its ability to recover the benefit of the country which are the resources of the Venezuelan people," Ramirez said, while participating in the Energy Business Summit, which held in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum
40 rescue brigadiers were certificate in the Orinoco Oil Belt

Three helicopters of advanced technology allow the Brigade SAR in the Oil Belt perform , expeditiously , rescue maneuvers and oil workers transfer in more than 55 thousand square kilometers with trained staff to deal any contingency in the region
Minister Ramírez : "We will ensure the presence of lubricants in all states"

Minister Rafael Ramirez said that the productive sectors, which have been granted permits to produce lubricant, must reach a compromise of price and supply
PDVSA announces pre boot process of Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit at El Palito Refinery

PDVSA reported the completion of the maintenance performed on the Cyclones system of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking unit of El Palito refinery in Carabobo region
Minister Ramirez visited Bicentennial Petroindustrial Base in El Tigre

Minister Ramirez inspected the first 60 sets for installation of wells that arrived in the country, under the agreements signed with China to develop the Orinoco Belt “Hugo Chavez”

Youth patriotic enters to work at the Orinoco Oil Belt “Hugo Chavez”

The Socialist Orinoco Oil Training Program is another legacy of the Lord Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, promoter of the great social transformations founded on equality and justice of the twentieth century, continued by the Head of State, Nicolas Maduro
PDVSA reached new achievement in safety on the East

Logistics Management Services on East Refining reached 365 consecutive days without disabling accidents; “Achievement that encourages us to continue working on the prevention of risks ," said Fernando Padron, CEO East Refinery
Minister Ramirez: "It's good discussion on the fair and real price of gasoline”

“We find it interesting that for the first time there in the public debate on this issue and it is important to continue to give it “the minister Rafael Ramirez
PDVSA Intevep shows technical and scientific progress in LACPEC

During installation of the event, the Minister of Popular Power for Oil and Mining and President of PDVSA, Rafael Ramirez, acknowledged the contribution of technological Intevep for development of the Orinoco Oil Belt Hugo Chavez
PDVSA announces preventive maintenance in complex conversion of the REP

Petróleos de Venezuela , SA (PDVSA ) reports that this week it will be done a preventive maintenance which is going to be executed in the complex conversion of the El Palito refinery (REP ) , located in Carabobo state.
Venezuela and Cuba signed 56 integration projects

The signed projects include the areas of health , education, agriculture , transport, construction and culture , which support the development and welfare of the Venezuelan and Cuban people
A stripper will be built by PDVSA in the Oil Belt

Vice President Economic Area, Minister of Popular Power for Oil and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela , SA (PDVSA ), Rafael Ramirez, agreed with a company in India the advanced construction of the first stripper in the Orinoco Oil Belt Hugo Chavez (FPO ) , estimated at $ 400 million investment to increase production .
It was launched Sixth edition of the World Heavy Oil Congress in the United States

PDVSA focus their involvement in publicizing the progress of new developments in the Orinoco Oil Belt and the geostrategic orientation for production in the main reservoir of oil in the world, with 297 billion barrels
Petroleum Agreements with Uruguay and Argentina will support food supply

Economic Area Vice President, Rafael Ramirez, announced the signing of an addendum to the existing energy cooperation agreements between Venezuela and the sisters Republics of Uruguay and Argentina to complement the country's food supply
Medical Cuban supplies are coming soon to Venezuela

The Fourteenth Joint Commission between the governments of both nations approved agreements for the provision of medical supplies required by the National Health System of Spain
Minister Ramirez: 80 % of foreign exchange rate remains 6.30 bolivars preferential

PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez stressed the need to transit through a set of steps to achieve the balance of the economy in the country. He further stated " we will build a new economic order"
Minister Ramírez : "one of the most important balances of the new economic order is the administration of currencies"

The Venezuelan state has a new exchange system, which will have a dollar at a preferential rate of 6.30 to 80 percent of the national economy’s needs and a dollar that will be marked by a Sicad rate for the remaining 20 percent
Investments to increase oil production rate will become part of Sicad

The owner of Petroleum and Mining confirmed that there remains the signature of the financing agreement with Repsol $1,200 million to increase production at the joint venture Petroquiriquire
PDVSA announces private issue of PDVSA 2026 bond

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) announces the private issue of PDVSA 2026 bonds for up to US$4.5 billion, with a coupon of 6.00% and maturing annually, equally and consecutively in the years 2024, 2025 and 2026; US$1.5 billion through direct and private placement with the Central Bank of Venezuela and some US$ 3 billion will be offered to PDVSA suppliers
PDVSA pays interests to bondholders

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) informs all holders of PDVSA bonds maturing April 2017, 2027 and 2037 that according to the preset conditions in the papers issued on April 12, 2007, and given that the issuing of these bonds is ruled by international laws and that October 14 was an international holiday, that the payment of interests was conducted since yesterday, Tuesday, October 15, 2013, corresponding to the semester which ends October 2013
Minor fire extinguished at Amuay Flexicoker

The event originated in an exchanger located on top of a fractionating column and it was put under control quickly due to the prompt action of the oil firefighters
Russian investments in Venezuela amount to 21 billion dollars

Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan Head of State, recalled that the Great Housing Mission Vivienda Venezuela originated from a conversation between Commander Hugo Chávez and Vladimir Putin
Russia and Venezuela sign five energy agreements

PDVSA and GazpromBank signed a financing agreement for one billion dollars for the joint venture Petrozamora
President Maduro arrives in Moscow to participate in the Second Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum

The Heads of State of Russia and Venezuela will hold a bilateral meeting on Tuesday, July 2 to set the terms and conditions for agreements in oil and gas matters
GECF is strengthened in order to coordinate price defense policies

During his allocution at the plenary of the Second Gas Summit, the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, proposed the creation of financing mechanisms for new natural gas projects as well as the creation of a research institute for the use of this hydrocarbon
Ministers of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum gather in Moscow

During the meeting of Heads of State they will evaluate the impact of the world economic crisis, the availability of financing for investments in new projects and the need for the creation of price defense mechanisms for this natural resource

ICSID rules in favor of Venezuela in Opic case

Once again the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela triumphs in a case before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). In this case the claimant company was Opic Karimun Corporation, who could not come to an agreement with the Venezuelan State in regards to their compensation for the effect on the association agreements they had been working under
Chevron reaffirms commitment with the country

During a press conference at the facilities of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) in La Campiña, this Monday 27th, Ali Moshiri, president of Chevron for Latin America and Africa, stated that the American company maintains a commitment to work jointly with the Venezuelan state company
PDVSA and Chevron sign $2 billion financing deal for Petroboscan

With the aim of increasing production output to 127 thousand barrels per day at the joint venture Petroboscan, representatives of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) and Chevron International signed an agreement for a 2 billion dollars long term credit line at the anteroom of the Simon Bolivar Hall of the state oil company’s headquarters in La Campiña
President Nicolás Maduro arrives in Brazil

President Nicolás Maduro arrives in Brazil to meet with his counterpart Dilma Rousseff at the Planalto Palace, seat of the Presidency, where they will talk about initiatives on joint production, food safety, healthcare policies and social and technological development
Maduro arrives in Argentina to deepen bilateral relations

Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan Head of State, arrived at Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of his South American tour after taking office last April, a tour which he has called the “Gira Mercosuriana” (a play of words on MERCOSUR, the Common Market of the South) which includes 3 sister nations that are MERCOSUR members
Venezuela and Argentina study joint refinery projects

Presidents Nicolás Maduro and Cristina Fernández Kirchner met at the Evita Perón hall of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to sign 12 cooperation agreements in the areas of oil, technology, industry, commerce, economy, finance, agriculture and food which moves forward the integration between the two nations
President Maduro arrives in Montevideo with new ideas for the integration of Latin America

Nicolás Maduro, president of the Republic, confirmed the importance of the accession of Venezuela to the Common Market of the South (Spanish: MERCOSUR) in a press conference with Uruguay media, recalling the legacy of president Hugo Chávez and his Bolivarian thinking in which integration is the basis for consolidating the unity of Latin America
Economic Zone and Bilateral funds top the list of Petrocaribe agreements

The final declaration of the Seventh Petrocaribe Summit of Heads of State and Government was officially presented at the Cuartel de la Montaña which favors the complementarity of the peoples over the foundation of solidarity and regional integration
President Maduro: We will continue down the path of Latin American and Caribbean Unity

The next Petrocaribe meeting will be held next June 29 in Managua, Nicaragua
President Maduro: Chávez initiated a historic phase for the peoples of the world

The Head of State announced the start of a three day tour this Monday through Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, where he will be welcomed by his counterparts
Cabrisas: Consolidation mechanisms promote a common economic zone

The vice president of Cuba said that a united Caribbean, economically and socially, constitutes one of the pillars of the thought and action of Commander Chávez
Dominica reaffirms solidarity with Venezuela and President Maduro

“The love that we feel for President Chávez, is the same love that we express to you and your people”, said Roosevelt Skerrit to President Nicolás Maduro
Haiti develops 189 projects thanks to Petrocaribe

The president of Haiti indicated that without Petrocaribe his government would have endured a terrible situation and that Petrocaribe represents more than 90% of his country’s investment budget
Maduro expressed his support to the creation of bilateral funds

The Head of State was grateful for the outpouring of solidarity and support by Petrocaribe member nations
President Maduro announces the inclusion of Honduras and Guatemala in Petrocaribe

President Maduro announced the creation of a special air connectivity plan that includes alliances with public and private companies among Petrocaribe member nations to expedite the bloc’s integration
Heads of State of Latin America and the Caribbean arrive for the Seventh Petrocaribe Summit

Heads of State and Ministers from the various delegations invited for the Ninth Ministerial Council and the Seventh Petrocaribe Summit continue to arrive in Venezuela this Saturday. This is a tool promoted by Commander Hugo Chávez as another mechanism for the integration of the Latin American peoples
Petrocaribe confronts capitalism

The Petrocaribe Energy Cooperation Agreement , was born in the year 2005 within the context of a world financial crisis which greatly destabilized the economies in the Caribbean region. The impact and the threat on the quality of life of the peoples, caused by the increase of energy and food prices, motivated then president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, to create a mechanism for integration and solidarity of unprecedented characteristics
Rafael Ramírez: “Our efforts are at the Faja Petrolífera”

During the presentation of the 2012 Annual Management Report, Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and president of Petróleo de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) announced that projects of the Faja Petrolífera del Orinoco – FPO (Orinoco Oil Belt) are expected to be fully operational by 2017, with revenues around 303.6 billion dollars based on a price of 100 dollars per barrel
Venezuelan Oil Chamber foresees good times ahead for the country

As part of the “Street Government” a meeting was held this weekend in Zulia state between the Executive led by president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan Oil Chamber (Spanish: CPV) which through its president, Alfredo Hernández Raffalli, expressed a willingness to work towards the advancement of the oil projects underway in the country
Board of Directors of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. is ratified

Thus the Executive acknowledges the work of Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining; Rafael Ramírez and his work team defend Venezuela’s energy sovereignty
OPEC congratulates president-elect Nicolás Maduro Moros

More than 60 world delegations recognize, ratify and congratulate Nicolás Maduro as the new president elected legitimately by the Venezuelan people for the 2013-2019 term
President Maduro ratified Rafael Ramírez as head of Petroleum and Mining

This Sunday, during the appointment of the first government team for the 2013-2019 term, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, ratified Rafael Ramírez Carreño as People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining, a sign of trust by the Head of State, thanks to his excellent work in charge of the nation’s various oil projects and as vice president for the Regional Development Area
The energy world grieves over the loss of President Chávez

The energy world grieves over the loss of President Chávez
Private and public sector companies acknowledged the Head of State’s commitment to social justice and his role in the development of the oil sector in the country, integration initiatives and advance in South-South relations
PDVSA signed five cooperation agreements with Rosneft

PDVSA and Rosneft signed a memorandum of understanding for the evaluation of association opportunities for the drilling, development and servicing of offshore wells in the Gulf of Paria
Interest in Venezuelan oil sector grows among Russian companies

Rosneft is satisfied by the level of growth of operations between Venezuela and Russia, which shows the recent interest of Russian companies in the Venezuelan energy sector
Energy cooperation deepens between Russia and Venezuela

Business is consolidating between Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. - PDVSA and the Russian Oil Consortium: Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom and TNK-BP
President Chávez approved a reform proposal of the Law of Contribution for Extraordinary Crude Prices

Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and president of Petróleos de Venezela, S.A. – PDVSA announced a reform to the Law of Contribution for Extraordinary Crude Prices after a working session with President Hugo Chávez and Vice-president Nicolás Maduro
Tribunal decision about Las Cristinas is a great victory for Venezuela

Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining considered a great victory for Venezuela the decision by the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes – ICSID in favor of our country in the case of Las Cristinas gold and copper mines.

Energy ties strengthened between Venezuela and Argentina

PDVSA hosted Argentina’s minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services during a visit which aimed at the strengthening of the energy ties between the two nations
ALBA and Petrocaribe: Nothing should change people’s will

During a extraorindary meeting of ministers, delegations from 22 nations, members of ALBA-TCP and Petrocaribe, signed a document of support, solidarity and absolute trust in the government of president Hugo Chávez
Petrocaribe moves forward in the creation of an Economic Zone that includes ALBA

During an extraordinary meeting, Rafael Ramírez, minister of Petroleum and Mining and president of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA, announced that the Exclusive Economic Zone that Petrocaribe has been working on could include member states of ALBA-TCP
Ramírez: “Make no Mistake, PDVSA is with Chávez and the Revolution”

“PDVSA is with Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution”, said the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Rafael Ramírez. At a videoconference he stated the commitment of the oil workers force with President Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution
Oil Workers Support Bolivarian Lawmakers at the Opening Session of the National Assembly

Enthusiastically, lovingly, happy and full of hope the oil industry workers arrived in the vicinity of the Federal Legislative Palace this Saturday to support, along with the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian lawmakers at the opening session of the National Assembly
PDVSA’s Eastern Refining Division Meets its Goals and Succeeds in 2012

This year Petróleos de Venezuela , S.A. – PDVSA reached significant goals by consolidating multiple projects that increased productivity and benefited directly the Anzoátegui state population
PDVSA Petromonagas’ upgrader has a new automated slide valve system

PDVSA Petromonagas’s upgrader, located in the José Antonio Anzoátegui Industrial Complex, executed its first coke drum cutting. A new system allows the automated opening of the top and bottom slide valve of the Delayed Coking Unit
Great Housing Mission Venezuela reaches 100% of the goal set for 2012

Rafael Ramírez, coordinator of the Superior Housing Authority, reported that the Bolivarian Government has built 200 thousand 80 houses and apartments to date as part of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela. This represents 100% of the goal set for 2012
PDVSA affirms energy cooperation ties

The Bolivarian Government and Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA are strengthening their strategic alliances through meetings to review and promote established agreements for the industry development with top representatives from Repsol and ENI
Laboratories of the Paraguaná Refinery Complex pioneer accreditation under the ISO/IEC 17025 standard

Quality refined products, reliability and international recognition are some of the achievements of Petróleos de Venezuela, S,A. –PDVSA, through its laboratories of the Paraguaná Refinery Complex (Centro de Refinación Paraguaná – CRP), located in Falcón state, upon implementing the ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025/2005 which refers to testing and calibration, by the National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Servicio Autónomo Nacional de Normalización, Calidad, Metrología y Reglamentos técnicos - Sencamer)
CNPC Shows its Commitment to the Growth of the Faja Petroífera del Orinoco

China National Petroleum Corporation – CNPC, made a payment of 180 million American dollars to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This was the second portion of a bond for the right to participate in the joint venture Petrourica, S.A. for the exploitation of certified crude reserves in the Junin 4 Block of the Faja Petrolífera del Orinoco – FPO (Orinoco Oil Belt)
OPEC agrees to keep production quota at 30 million barrels per day

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – OPEC, agreed to keep oil production at 30 million barrels per day during the 162nd Meeting of the Conference which took place on Wednesday, December 12th in the city of Vienna, Austria
PDVSA has a Reliable Fleet with Advanced Technology

PDV Marina, an affiliate of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA, celebrated 22 years from its creation last November 29th, ensuring the supply of hydrocarbons to domestic and international markets without interruption and reliably. They transported a total of 102 million barrels approximately in the first three trimesters of 2012
PDVSA will continue Commander Chávez’s oil policy

Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and president of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDSVA, asserted that the oil workers maintain a clear position and stressed that the New PDVSA is a product of the Bolivarian Revolution’s progress, which has enabled the creation of a fundamental and irreversible oil policy for the possibility of building Socialism
Ten years ago the New PDVSA was born with the defeat of the terrorist oil coup

Ten years ago, on December 2, 2002, the right dealt a huge blow to democracy. Driven by the imperial power and responding to the darkest international interests, the radical opposition executed an action without precedent in the political history of the country, with the objective of deposing the legally constituted Government of Commander President Hugo Chávez Frías, annihilate the Bolivarian Revolution and put a end to the hope of people
Trade between Venezuela and China has multiplied 47 times

New cooperation instruments in the areas of oil, mining, energy, electricity, financing and infrastructure were signed in Beijing after the 11th Meeting of the China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Committee (Comisión Mixta de Alto Nivel – CMAN). Rafael Ramírez, the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and president of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA, participated in this event
China is Venezuela’s main oil partner

The 11th Meeting of the Subcommittee of energy and mining cooperation of the China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Committee took place in Beijing, China. The objective was to review the progress of joint projects and establish a working agenda which could enable the deepening of the cooperation in oil, gas, electricity, petrochemical industry and mining matters
Heavy crude technical and operation exchange between PDVSA and CNPC

A delegation of the state company China National Petroleum Corporation – CNPC, headed by vice-president Shen Diancheng, visited the Paraguana Refining Center (Centro de Refinación Paraguaná – CRP) located in Falcón state, in order to exchange technical and operational experiences in addition to studying in depth refining patterns in Venezuela
PDVSA Intevep and VNIIGAZ exchange geological information

A group of specialists from the affiliate PDVSA Intevep’s General Management of Exploration and Reservoir Studies and VNIIGAZ, technological affiliate of the Russian company Gazprom, conducted a technology conference to share information related to the sedimentological and stratigraphic characterization of the geological systems that constitute Falcón’s basin, in the Gulf of Venezuela
The first meeting of national oil and gas companies concluded successfully

For two days, representatives of South American companies dedicated to the business of hydrocarbons showed their strength and investment opportunities, during the First Meeting of National Oil and Gas Companies from the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which took place at PDVSA La Campiña’s Simon Bolivar Hall, in Caracas
Opening of UNASUR’s First Meeting of National Oil and Gas Companies

The First Meeting of National Oil and Gas Companies from the Union of South American Nations or UNASUR, opened with the participation of representatives of important companies dedicated to the business of hydrocarbons. The event took place at the Simon Bolívar Hall of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA
Indian delegation visited production and upgraders area of the Faja Petrolífera del Orinoco

A delegation of the company India Reliance Industries Limited – RIL, along with representatives of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited - ONGC, participated in a workshop on cooperation opportunities assessment with Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA. It concluded with a visit to production and upgraders areas of the Joint Venture PDVSA Petrocedeño, assigned to the Executive Office of the Faja Petrolífera del Orinoco – FPO (Orinoco Oil Belt) in the Junín area. This is a fulfillment of the strategies for the development of new businesses at the FPO
The Indian Delegation Participated in a Workshop on Heavy and Extra Heavy Crude Technologies

The PDVSA Intevep affiliate conducted a workshop on heavy and extra heavy crude for the development of the Faja Petrolífera del Orinoco (FPO). This is part of the activities that were agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding signed last September 25, between Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA and a private company from India, Reliance Industries Limited – RIL
Full Oil Sovereignty Policy re-established control over revenues for the benefit of the nation

The People’s Minister of Oil and Mining and president of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. – PDVSA, Rafael Ramírez, said that the oil policy promoted by the Bolivarian Government is part of a popular and revolutionary national project committed to capturing revenues for the benefit of the people. The minister spoke at the regular session of the National Assembly’s Permanent Committee of Finance and Economic Development, at a time when the Budget Bill for Fiscal year 2013 and the Special Law on Indebtedness were being discussed
Chávez: oil is the engine behind the comprehensive development of the nation

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, stated that “oil is a big driver of the comprehensive development of the nation”
Belarusian ambassador travels through the Orinoco Oil Belt

The new ambassador of Belarus to Venezuela, Oleg Peferov, visited operations and administrative areas of the “Petrolera Bielovenezolana” oil company
Miranda Satellite is to strengthen the development of oil activities

The first images collected by Miranda Satellite, Venezuela’s will speed up the development of new projects – among them the strengthening of oil activities in Venezuela - which will contribute to the development of the country
Russia and Venezuela sign eight new oil cooperation agreements

The Russian Federation and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strengthened bonds of friendship with the signing of eight agreements to develop the Carabobo area in the FPO, and agreed the construction of a thermal power plant in Venezuela
PDVSA, joint venture start early production at FPO oilfields

PDVSA, Russian oil consortium and Petrovietnam started early production in Junín 6 and 2 blocks at the Orinoco Oil Belt through joint ventures Petromiranda and Petromacareo, respectively.
Venezuela will supply up to 400,000 barrels of oil to India

PDVSA and Reliance Industries Limited, signed two agreements in order to boost extra heavy crude oil production in Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Belt and sell 400,000 bpd to the Asian country
Venezuela and China sign three new agreements in the mining, energy and infrastructure sector

PDVSA and CITIC Group signed three new agreements in the mining and energy sectors that involves the design and construction of non-oil infrastructure and an industrial complex to strengthen basic industries
Argentina and Venezuela agree to create the South American Federation of Oil Industry Suppliers

The First Argentina-Venezuela Integration Meeting for Oil and Industrial Development, the chambers of oil, gas and energy industry suppliers of the two countries agreed to create a South American Federation of Oil Industry Suppliers
PDVSA pays labor liabilities to store clerks affected by Amuay explosion

PDVSA’s Paraguaná Refining Center paid the salary of 101 store clerks who worked in shops near the Amuay oil facilities that were affected by the event occurred on August 25
Venezuela and Argentina sign 24 integration agreements

Rafael Ramírez and Julio De Vido, the Argentine Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services signed 24 memoranda of understanding in the oil and industrial sectors
“In an act of sovereignty Chávez has rescued the main energy reserve in the world”

The Industry minister said that the current integration process can only exist with sovereignty and independence
Intevep owns 35 technological products with a Venezuelan patent

PDVSA Intevep, is currently working on 200 applications for the development of the oil industry, many of which are aimed at facilitating the exploitation of existing reserves in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO)
PDVSA increases productivity of oil wells

In order to ensure the highest productivity of oil deposits in the Orinoco Oil Belt, a group of young professionals from PDVSA are assessing new designs and technologies to maximize production with safety and minimize operational problems
Venezuela and Argentina strengthen ties for oil and industrial development

In order to strengthen the Latin American integration process in different sectors, the First Argentina-Venezuela Integration Meeting for Oil and Industrial Development was held in the Venezuelan capital. The meeting was attended by representatives of 150 firms of the two countries. The purpose is to submit specific projects to achieve progress in energy and industrial sectors
Venezuelan “INT MECS” technology is ready to be used in upgraders and oil production

During the Fifth World Heavy Oil Congress, PDVSA Intevep presented a technology that can make sustainable development in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) a reality.
PDVSA shows that FPO projects are a reality

Ten presentations made by technical staff of state-run oil company PDVSA closed the last session of the Fifth World Heavy Oil Congress with the participation of over 600 delegates from different oil companies and corporations
PDVSA shows its strengths in World Heavy Oil Congress

One of the most successful methods is the use of a surfactant which is injected into the bottom of oil wells that have lost part of their productivity
Progress of new oil projects ensures fulfillment of FPO production targets

Two agreements had already been signed with Chinese companies Sinohidro and CITIC to develop Junín and Carabobo industrial complexes, in Santa Cruz del Orinoco and in Falconero
PDVSA launches “Carabobo” VLCC for transportation of crude oil to China

The “Carabobo” tanker, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has a capacity of 320,000 deadweight tons, equal to nearly 2 million barrels of crude oil
PDVSA pushes ahead in the development of the production plan in the Orinoco Oil Belt

Eulogio Del Pino, Vice President of Exploration and Production of the state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela and President of Corporación Venezolana del Petróleo (CVP) detailed the achievements of the “Battle of Carabobo” Special Production Plan, developed by the state-owned oil company and the strategies implemented to increase production at the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) to 4,274,000 barrels in 2019, during his speech in the Second Integral Congress on Hydrocarbons, held in the Venezuelan city of Puerto La Cruz, northeastern Venezuela
Minister Ramírez: We have a rapid and effective response to Amuay event

Rafael Ramírez, the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), gave an interview to José Vicente Rangel, a Venezuelan journalist who anchors “José Vicente Hoy,” a Sunday TV program. In the interview, the minister said that the event occurred at Amuay refinery, in the northwestern state of Falcón, was quickly and effectively addressed by the State
PDVSA Intevep and Ministry of Science carry out research projects for the Orinoco Oil Belt

PDVSA Intevep, the research and technology subsidiary of the state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, and three entities that belongs to the People’s Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation signed 12 specific cooperation agreements. In a period of about two years, a series of research projects aimed to provided scientific and technological solutions for the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) will be implemented
PDVSA deals with events in Curacao’s Isla Refinery

State-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) reports that the event occurred in Isla Refinery, Curacao, which happened more than 10 days ago, was promptly dealt with by technical staff of the oil industry together with government authorities of the Caribbean island
Ramírez: "Shipping operations are absolutely normal at the refinery"

During a live TV broadcast by state-run TV network Venezolana de Televisión, Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), confirmed that, at time, fire has been completely extinguished at Block 23 of the Amuay refinery. There were images of a clear sky, near the refinery, without any smoke. He also said that shipping operations at the refinery are absolutely normal
Safe start-up of all plants is in progress

Rafael Ramírez, the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), visited the main control room of the Paraguaná Refinery Complex in the northwestern Venezuelan state of Falcón and provided technical details on the works currently carried out in the Amuay Refinery to ensure a safe start-up of all the processing units of the plant
Ramírez: Fire has been totally extinguished at Amuay refinery

Rafael Ramírez, the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), said that at 7:15 am on Tuesday firefighters had put out fire in three tanks at Block 23 of the Amuay refinery, at the Paraguaná Refining Center, in the northwestern state of Falcón
Investigation is to determine causes of the accident in Amuay refinery

Ángel Esteban, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health Executive Director of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), said in an interview with a private TV network that there is an ongoing investigation to determine the causes that led to the tragic events occurred last Saturday in the facilities of the Paraguaná Refining Center (CRP)
Oil platform “February 4” is the first built in Venezuela

Hugo Chávez, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, said in a TV broadcast that the oil platform called “February 4” (the date of the rebellion led by Commander Hugo Chávez in 1992) is the first offshore platform built in Venezuela. This facility was built in the city of Puerto Ordaz by Vhicoa Company, with Venezuelan input and staff using cutting-edge technology
Drilling platform system to allow the development of 10,500 wells in the FPO

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, inspected a multiple directional drilling platform (macolla) called Cacique Cayaurima. He highlighted that the drilling cluster system will allow the development of 10,500 oil wells in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO), in the next six years
Petro San Félix joint venture to aim energy resources to Guayana’s development

During a visit to the Morichal oil field, in the Carabobo Division of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO), the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, announced that he will sign an agreement for the establishment of the Petro San Félix company aimed at channeling financial resources from the oil industry to the development of the resource-rich region of Guayana
Battle of Santa Inés refinery to open by the end of November 2013

Asdrúbal Chávez, Vice President of Refining, Marketing and Supply of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), monitored the progress of the construction of the Battle of Santa Inés Refinery, which will be located inside the Santa Inés Agro-industrial Complex (Cominsi) and will be able to process 100,000 barrels per day of crude oil
Chávez announces the Orinoco Development Hub

President Hugo Chávez announced the creation of the Great Development Hub of the Orinoco River, a project that will merge the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) with the mining and industrial belt of Guayana
Approved commercial viability of Cardón IV block for offshore operations

The declaration of commercial viability will allow the approval of a field development plan, which aims to place the first molecules of non-associated natural gas in the domestic market, with an initial production of 300 million cubic feet per day, from the fourth quarter of 2013, and could reach 1.2 billion cubic feet per day from 2019
Venezuela reaches amicable agreement with Exterran

The assets of Exterran Venezuela were subject to the Organic Law which Reserves Goods and Services Related to Hydrocarbons Primary Activities for the State, enacted on May 7, 2009. Exterran Venezuela provided natural-gas compression services which were reserved to the Venezuelan state by the aforementioned law
PDVSA’s Vice President inspects El Palito thermal power plant

Asdrúbal Chávez, Vice President of Refining, Marketing and Supply of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), conducted an inspection at the thermal power plant of El Palito. It will generate 772 megawatts (MW) for the National Electricity System (SEN) in the first phase of the plant, operating in simple-cycle mode
PDVSA signed contract with international consortium TFY & V for El Palito refinery expansion

PDVSA signed a contract for engineering, procurement and construction of the proposed expansion of the El Palito refinery, with the international consortium TFY & V, which will meet international standards of product quality and maximize heavy oil from the Orinoco Oil Belt
New technologies ensure upgrading of crude from the Orinoco Oil Belt

In order to get a better use of the resource base that has been quantified in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO), the use of upgrading and cutting-edge refining technologies will be required to ensure the manufacture of high quality products with high trade value for each barrel of extra-heavy, processed crude oil
“1 Butene” plant was inaugurated in Zulia State

As part of the Simon Bolivar Project, it was inaugurated on Sunday, the “1 Butene” plant at the Petrochemical Complex Ana Maria Campos, Miranda municipality, in Zulia State
Bajo Grande thermal power plant is opened

On Sunday 22, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, opened the Bajo Grande thermal power plant, with a capacity of 100 megawatts (MW). The plant is located in the Cañada de Urdaneta municipality, in the western state of Zulia
Petroleum tanker Eva Perón strengthens PDVSA fleet

The launching of the ship was carried out in the premises of Astilleros Río Santiago (ARS), an Argentine shipyard located in Ensenada, Province of Buenos Aires. The launching of the tanker is a result of the bilateral agreements signed between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Argentina
PDVSA and Chevron sign terms for financing of $2 billion

Venezuelan oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) and US oil company Chevron signed on Wednesday 18 a term sheet for a $2 billion investment contract aimed at financing Petroboscan, a joint venture
Guidelines for the South American Energy Treaty discussed by UNASUR

The technical, policy and legal groups of the Union of South American Nations met on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19, July, at the Simón Bolívar Hall, in the headquarters of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), in order to comply with the agreements of the Third South American Energy Council, aimed to implement the integration of the block consisting of 12 countries of the hemisphere
New Puerto la Cruz refinery to process 210,000 bpd of FPO’s heavy crude oil

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, opened the Alberto Lovera thermal power plant, Guanta municipality, in the northeastern state of Anzoátegui, during an inspection visit to the Deep Conversion Project, Puerto La Cruz Refinery
PDVSA Petromonagas reaches production target of 130,000 bpd

As part of the Special Production Plan for Joint Ventures, PDVSA Petromonagas, which is attached to the Executive Directorate of the Orinoco Oil Belt in the Carabobo Division, exceeded the production target of 130,000 barrels per day (kbpd) of extra heavy crude oil
First technical meeting on petroleum coke opens in Venezuela

With a massive participation of researchers, experts and professionals in the technical and scientific fields working in Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) and the People’s Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation, the first technical meeting on petroleum coke opened with full success at the headquarters of PDVSA Refinación Oriente (PDVSA’s Eastern Refining Division) in the city of Puerto La Cruz, northeastern state of Anzoátegui
President Chávez: Price of oil to stabilize at $100 per barrel

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez said in a press conference held at a Caracas hotel that he is confident that the price of oil is going to stabilize around %100 per barrel
PDVSA Gas is moving forward towards the implementation of the Special Plan for Gas pipeline construction

The Bolivarian government, through PDVSA Gas, has opened a new tranche of the Soto – Anaco Main Station pipeline, which will allow the shipment of 200 million cubic feet per day (MMCFD) of additional gas from the production areas of Furrial and Punta de Mata Divisions, in the northern Monagas state region, towards the central-western area of the country
PDVSA to invest over VEB 2 billion in housing complex at Santa Inés industrial project

Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will invest VEB 2 billion ($ 465.1 million) in the construction of a housing complex in Santa Inés agro-industrial complex (COMINSI), in which the Santa Inés Battle Refinery (RBSI) will be built
PDVSA Petropiar launches plan to restore critical assets

The Improvement Division of PDVSA Petropiar joint venture, which is attached to the Executive Management of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO), has focused the efforts of its workers for a successful completion of the Restoration Plan for Critical Assets (PRAC 2012), which aims to reach optimal levels of upgraded crude oil production and ensure a higher operational reliability
Fair price of oil should reach $100

Rafael Ramírez, the People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining, said that the average price of the Venezuelan oil basket of crude oil stands at $108 so far this year, which is $58 above the price estimated in the 2012 national budget
Decline of oil price is the result of overproduction of oil and the crisis of capitalism

President Hugo Chávez recalled that oil market volatility is not in the best interest of any country, since the decline in oil prices is often accompanied by a subsequent price surge
Contract for the EPC and start-up assistance to the environmental units of a Venezuelan refinery’s deep conversion project signed

In the framework of the agreement between Venezuela, China and Korea, the two Asian companies will support the expansion of a Venezuelan refinery located eastern Venezuela for the commercial application of a Venezuelan technology called HDHPLUS
President Chávez: “Venezuela is making progress on national gas project”

The expansion of the gas domestic network and the construction of internal gas pipelines in the Sucre Parish, western Caracas will promote the use of gas and will ensure better conditions for the families living in the capital area
President Chávez announces Venezuela is to cut off oil shipments to Paraguay

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chávez has announced the suspension of oil shipments to the Republic of Paraguay, as part of the measures to reject the coup d’état in the landlocked South American country
Government hands over 384 apartments built in cooperation with Iran

The Bolivarian Government allocated through the Great Housing Mission Vivienda Venezuela 384 apartments in the Nueva Ciudad Fabricio Ojeda housing complex. The housing development is located in Lagunillas municipality, in the northwestern state of Zulia
BP acknowledges that Venezuela is the world’s largest holder of proven oil reserves

According to a report entitled “Statistical Review of World Energy 2012” published in June by the oil company British Petroleum (BP), Venezuela is the world’ largest holder of proven oil reserves
Minister Ramírez: “The Orinoco Oil Belt is to leverage the country’s sustainable growth”

During the opening of the First 2012 Venezuelan Heavy Oil Forum held in the southern Venezuelan city of Puerto Ordaz, the board of directors of state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) held the 11th meeting of the Higher Authority of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) in order to make progress towards the production of crude oil and specify the contribution made by the oil company in social areas, such as the Great Mission Housing Venezuela, a policy that has been promoted by President Hugo Chávez
Government allocates 1,734 houses

As part of an effort made by the Bolivarian government of President Hugo Chávez, through the Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV), a total of 1,734 houses were allocated on Thursday in the states of Táchira, Guárico, Carabobo, Monagas and Miranda
Minister Ramírez: “The Orinoco Oil Belt is one of our greatest development opportunities”

During the opening of the First Venezuelan Heavy Oil Forum, held in the city of Puerto Ordaz, southern state of Bolívar, Rafael Ramírez, People’s Minister for Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), announced that “we are going to place the 4 million barrels per day production of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) in 2019 through the extraordinary plan that we have promoted. It will become one of our greatest development opportunities for the future of the country.”
The Northeastern Gas Pipeline is to transport the first 300 million cubic feet of natural gas by the end of the year

During the Council of Ministers held on Friday 15, Hugo Chávez, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, monitored the progress of the construction of the General-in-Chief José Francisco Bermúdez Northeastern Gas Pipeline, located in the northeastern Venezuelan state of Sucre, via a satellite transmission. The gas pipeline is the longest in South America, and it extends approximately 740 kilometers (460 miles) over water and land
OPEC keeps production ceiling of 30.0 mb/d

People’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Rafael Ramirez, said that this decision will be positive for the market stability
The Revolutionary government allocates 1,896 housing units

The Revolutionary government led by Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, handed over 1,896 new houses on Thursday in four Venezuelan states
Twentieth International Gas Convention is held in Caracas

The 20th International Gas Convention, organized by the Venezuelan Association of Gas Processors (AVPG), was held at Hotel Intercontinental Tamanaco in Caracas in order to promote the exchange of technology and experience in the field of natural resources. The meeting was entitled “Natural Gas: Present and Future in Latin America”
Venezuela defends fair price of oil barrel

The People's Minister for Petroleum and Mining, Rafael Ramirez, advocated for the rights of the oil producing countries to a fair remuneration for the exploitation of their natural resources, as a key element of a constructive and frank dialogue between consumers and producers
Venezuela to strongly ask OPEC to cut overproduction

Venezuela’s Minister of Petroleum and Mining Rafael Ramírez said that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) must keep the ceiling on production of 30 million bpd agreed at the last OPEC meeting. The Oil Minister said that there is an overproduction of around 3 million oil barrels and “there is no demand for that (excess) crude”
Chávez: “We are an undefeated people and we will remain unbeaten”

Accompanied by thousands of supporters who flooded Caracas’ main downtown streets, the President Hugo Chávez registered his presidential candidacy for the period 2013-2019, at a ceremony before the National Electoral Council (CNE), in order to repeat an overwhelming popular, patriotic and revolutionary victory in the upcoming October 7 presidential election
PDVSA Offshore Division purchases three turbo-generators to meet operational needs of the Dragón-Patao Platform

PDVSA Offshore Division recently finalized the purchase of three gas turbo-generators manufactured by Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which will be used in the Dragón-Patao Platform, that is being built by Petróleos de Venezuela and will be part of the operations carried out in the fields of the Mariscal Sucre Project
Great Mission Housing Venezuela allocates 2,237 housing units

The Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV) handed over 2,237 housing units on Thursday 7. It has allocated 66,891 finished houses and has benefited the same number of households in 2012
Chávez: We must maintain the control over oil resources for the sake of people

Hugo Chávez, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, announced his proposed plan of government entitled “2013-2019 Government Plan for the Homeland,” after his official registration as presidential candidate with the National Electoral Council (CNE). The Venezuelan leader urged the people to maintain the control over oil resources, which are “the people’s wealth.”
PDVSA announces preventive maintenance works at FCC unit of El Palito refinery

Venezuela’s state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) reported that a plant shutdown was initiated on Monday 4 in El Palito medium-conversion refinery in order to ensure the proper operation of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit at El Palito oil facility until its major maintenance turnaround, which is planned for the first quarter of 2014
Bolivarian government allocates 2, 552 houses

The Bolivarian Government handed over 2,552 housing units in six Venezuelan states on Thursday May 31, as part of the Great Housing Mission Vivienda Venezuela (GMVV)
First Venezuelan factory of energy saving bulbs is completed

A joint venture named Vietven Iluminaciones, S.A., that will assemble energy saving bulbs in Venezuela, is about to start production, said President Hugo Chávez, during a Council of Ministers held in the Miraflores Palace, the official seat of the Executive Office in Venezuela. The meeting was aired in a nationwide radio and television broadcast
PDVSA Petroanzoátegui restarted the gas production unit for the domestic market

The PDVSA Petroanzoátegui upgrader is, up to now the only one in the Industrial Complex Jose Antonio Anzoátegui. It has the capacity to produce LPG from its crude upgrading processes, coupled with the production of sulfur and coke
PDVSA accelerates projects to increase production in the Oil Belt

The Higher Authority of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) executes the
Socialist Orinoco Project, which raises the social development model to benefit communities
PDVSA speeds up projects to increase oil production in the Orinoco Oil Belt

The Higher Authority of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) is implementing the Orinoco Socialist Project which promotes a social development model to benefit communities
President Chavez approved resources for Great Mission Housing Venezuela

During the cabinet made out on Tuesday, Chavez included in the GMVV the construction of a new housing project in Barinas, and he approved resources for the completion of La Ciudad Socialista Caribia roads
Mejia: The UNASUR Policy is the initiative of President Hugo Chavez

The General Secretary of the Union of South American Nations, UNASUR, Maria Emma Mejia, in her address at the Third South American Energy Council, recognized the initiative of President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez , to promote social development and energy of the people through this organization a policy that currently hold force member countries
Colombian-Venezuelan oil pipeline will transport to the Pacific more than 500 thousand barrels of oil

The Colombian-Venezuelan oil pipeline will transport to the Pacific Ocean more than 500,000 barrels of crude oil extracted in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) and in the developing areas of Colombia, said Friday the People's Minister for Oil and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), Rafael Ramirez, when he left the III South American Energy Council held in Caracas
Chavez: UNASUR is vital to strengthen the independence of the peoples

The Head of State said that the management of natural resources in South America could not remain in the hands of transnational capitalists
Paraguay proposes recovery of energy sovereignty in Latin America

The Minister of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay and representative of the President Pro Tempore of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Cecilio Perez Bordon, during his speech at the III South American Energy Council, urged his colleagues and delegations from member countries to consolidate the recovery of Latin American energy sovereignty
III South American Energy Council agrees instantiation political-legal and planning

The twelve countries in attendance rejected the plans of transnational corporations to sue the States members of UNASUR at international courts, by decisions made in the exercise of sovereignty
Rodriguez Araque: UNASUR must adopt a strategy for overcoming poverty

In his address, the incoming general secretary of this political body stressed the substantial reserves of all the primary sources available to the region
Pastor Maldonado: "It is a victory for all of Venezuela"

Via Circuito Radial PDVSA in an interview, the Venezuelan driver in Formula One (F1), Pastor Maldonado, the winner of the Grand Prix of Spain this season, thanked the Venezuelan people for its support and expressed his enthusiasm for the historic victory reached in the Circuit of Montmeló on Sunday
Venezuela covered itself in glory with Pastor Maldonado’s victory in Formula 1

Maldonado won a titanic struggle to the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), who came in second. The third place went to Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus)
New projects will boost oil production in the West

The funds raised will go towards PDVSA corporate purposes, to finance investment projects for social development and comprehensive in the country
PDVSA announced the private placement PDVSA Bond 2035

The funds raised will go towards PDVSA corporate purposes, to finance investment projects for social development and comprehensive in the country
PDVSA Petropiar ratifies normal operations

PDVSA Petropiar clarifies public opinion that in developing its operations in Block Ayacucho in the Orinoco Oil Belt, located south of Anzoátegui state, there has been no type of spill
PDVSA serves pipeline rupture in Potrerito

The incident occurred when a machine used to perform expansion work at the national route crashed into diesel pipeline
PDVSA Morichal reached production record: 172 .300 bpd average per month

Morichal District Division Carabobo set an operational record, maintaining sustained growth for 8 consecutive months referred to in the Special Plan of Production Increase
Caraqueños enjoy the cultural cultivation of PDVSA La Estancia

Music and tradition was the appetizer that PDVSA La Estancia offered to almost 2000 attendees at the headquarters of the cultural center to celebrate the anniversary of the cultural cultivation
The Investment in the Oil Belt amounts to 5 billion dollars

During 2012, the oil industry devotes considerable resources to the consolidation of core projects, in line with plans for sustained growth of production under the National Plan
The Guatire filling plant has reserves for 17 days

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) informed the country that the filling of fuel Guatire plant has a volume of reserves for 17 days to supply the Greater Caracas
PDVSA Carabobo Division maintains record of production for eight consecutive months

The Division Carabobo closed with an average in April production of 451,235 barrels per day, a figure that translates the effort and commitment of Morichal District workers and joint ventures Sinovensa Oil, Petromonagas and Petrodelta
PDVSA will take the lead in implementing the LOTTT

The new law is an extraordinary tool for deepening of socialism, while claiming the rights that had been violated to the workers
PDVSA Intevep will apply AQUACONVERSION ® technology in the District Morichal

AQUACONVERSION ® technology developed by PDVSA Venezuelan professionals Intevep meets the needs of Petróleos de Venezuela for the exploration and production of extra heavy oil from the Orinoco Oil Belt
PDVSA Intevep and China Petroleum Institute will drive oil research

It covers issues of interest to the business of hydrocarbons. The heads of both agencies conducted the signing
Venezuela and Colombia relaunch bilateral cooperation agreements

It is anticipated the possibility of extending the pipeline Antonio Ricaurte, to Panama and Central America
PDVSA moves towards the establishment of savings fund and launch of Petrorinoco

The financial instrument will allow the Venezuelan people to invest in development projects in the Orinoco Oil Belt, forming a trust fund with the participation of the dividends and profits on investment
Studies will be conducted to the geological Mejillones and Rio Caribe Fields

Venezuelan specialists will make a geomorphologic analysis of seabed
PDVSA Social will generate revenue to National Savings Fund of Workers

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, approved on Tuesday from La Havana, Cuba, the creation of the National Savings Fund of Workers as a financial instrument that will obtain the necessary resources to cover the debt maintained by the State because of benefits to public sector employees
Chavez: The gas belongs to the country

During the Council of Vice held this Saturday at the Miraflores Palace, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, said the progress of the Mariscal Sucre Gas Project developed by Petróleos de Venezuela, SA at the north of the Paria Peninsula and stressed the importance of removing the old gas exploration projects established in the Fourth Republic
PDVSA promotes increased oil production in the Oil Belt

The main efforts of the country's oil industry in the production of oil and hand to help workers meet the provisions of the National Simon Bolivar Project, led by President Hugo Chavez
PDVSA Petrocedeño will build new operational facilities to optimize oil production

It is estimated that the Adequacy Project of the Main Station starts in a month with the construction of infrastructure works in San Diego Cabrutica, Anzoátegui state
It was installed the negotiating table in the Collective Agreement

In order to strengthen the contractual benefits of workers in the oil industry and new working relationships within the framework of equality and inclusion, was held on Tuesday the installation of the negotiating table in the collective bargaining agreement for the period 2011-2013
Puerto La Cruz refinery runs safely preventive stop

PDVSA, through the East Refinery General Manager, reports that due to an event recorded in the National Electricity System (SEN) in the morning, it originated a preventive stop in Puerto La Cruz Refinery ´s facilities (RPLC) to protect the integrity of all workers and refinery complex
It was partial solved the failure of the Cardón refinery

Petroleós de Venezuela Socialista reports that on Friday March 9, 2012, at 8:30 pm there was a flaw in the instrument air system of the Cardón refinery, so it was necessary to stop proactively following the safety protocol, several units
PDVSA activates a Contingency Plan in the Catatumbo River by patches of oil from Colombia

PDVSA Socialista Western Executive Direction advises that its personnel, assigned to the Management of Environment, immediately activated the contingency plan to minimize the environmental impact
Offshore Gas Revolution will sign up another achievement with the arrival of production trees

Four trees, installation and completion tools will reach Venezuelan waters, constituting a major milestone in offshore projects
Plan Tricolor progresses successfully in PDVSA Socialista Ayacucho Division

The goal set by the revolutionary government of President Hugo Chavez Commander stands at 3.500 million barrels
It was controlled the operational contingency in monobuoy Jose

The TAECJAA recorded in normal operations in the care of 62 ships per month, which is an indicator of the operational reliability offered by these facilities and events where accidents occur has a Global Contingency Plan
PDVSA says Jose is completely in normal operation

PDVSA Socialista authorities and governing bodies in the field were able to confirm the work of collecting traces of oil spilled by the contingency in the maneuver presented at the loading of the B / T "Harabi" early today
It was built by PDVSA first boat of laying automated lines

The barge Liberator is high-tech and unique in its kind in South America. It has a speed of laying lines three times the conventional model, going from 1,400 feet / day to 4,200 ft / day, piping
Ramirez: "The oil workers are with Commander Hugo Chavez"

During the speech offered by videoconference broadcast to all areas, subsidiaries and Industry, the People's Minister for Petroleum and Mining and president of PDVSA Socialist, Rafael Ramirez, called on oil workers to organize for the political battle and give an internal discussion about what it is proposing the far right wing
Minister Ramírez ratified the Guarapiche river water is drinkable

Rafael Ramirez, People’s Minister for Oil & Mining and PVDSA president reiterated that the river water Guarapiche in Monagas state is safe

It was detected the presence of alleged drug in oil tanker

In a joint action by officials for Protection and Loss Control and the National Guard, detained two cops alleged by trafficking illicit substances
"In PDVSA is the bastion of the revolution"

From the dock Lagomedio of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) in the San Francisco municipality, Zulia state, the People's Minister for Oil and Mining and PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez met with oil workers and highlighted the role of the labor force in the Bolivarian Revolution
It is confirmed the operational normality in PDVSA El Palito refinery

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) confirmed the normal operation of El Palito refinery (REP), in its various process units
373 oil drills will be operating in the country by the end of 2012

Within the Special Plan for the increase production in the Belt it will be drilled 600 wells and built 70 drilling pads, which are required to increase oil output to one million 635 thousand barrels per day by the end of this year
Ramirez: Line of financing China-Venezuela reached 38 billion dollars

The People's Minister for Petroleum and Mining and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), Rafael Ramirez, stressed the importance of the 14 international cooperation agreements signed between China and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which demonstrates the confidence of investors in our country and this becomes benefits for the people Venezuela
In 2011 Venezuela was ranked as the country with largest oil reserves in the world

Similarly, management included the increase to195 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves, with which Venezuela is ratified as the global eighth largest on gas
PDVSA controls in record time oil spill product of sabotage

PDVSA activated the local contingency plan to stop in record time an oil spill from a suspected tampering, which was done with a hacksaw to a pipe near a morichal (Venezuelan vegetation type), adjacent to the Tascabaña I community in the Municipality Freites, Anzoategui state
Ramirez: China-Venezuela Line of financing reached 38 billion dollars

"The balance of these agreements is very positive for the nation, we have been working for months, since the visit of President of the Corporation CITIC, with whom we set up a development strategy with Commander Chavez," said Ramirez
Chinese authorities expressed confidence in Venezuela

Fourteen new agreements between the two countries consolidate a portfolio of 430 agreements signed to date, over ten years of strategic alliance, product of the administration of President Hugo Chavez

PDVSA controls in record time oil spill product of sabotage

It was activated by PDVSA the local contingency plan to meet in record time an oil spill, a result of a suspected sabotage, in which it was affected a pipe close to the Tascabaña I community in the Municipality Freites, Anzoátegui state
China-Venezuela cooperation will allow raising production in the Orinoco Oil Belt

The contribution of 4 billion dollars from the China Development Bank will raise production at Petrosinovensa to 330 MBD in 2014. In the sinovenezuelan joint venture ICVT 16 drilling rigs will be assemble this year to increase the number of operating units that contribute to the special production plan
Venezuela and China move to the construction of new agreements

In order to proceed with preparation of the 21 agreements on energy, infrastructure, and housing that our country will soon sign with the Republic of China, the authorities of the People's Ministry for Petroleum and Mining and the Venezuelan Petroleum Industry, (PDVSA) met on Saturday with their counterparts from CITIC Group Company and China National Petroleum (CNPC)
Guarapiche Sanitation is in its final remediation phase

From the state oil company it is optimizing the cleanup in the river Guarapiche, complying with the collection of oil in more than 95 percent
Alejandro Hitcher: "There is no environmental disaster"

The situation is completely controlled and in 10 days will be restored the Guarapiche River conditions
President Chávez: oil income is now for Venezuelans

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, predicted Thursday that the cost per barrel of oil will remain at $ 100 and said that is a fair price
The opposition is trying to privatize PDVSA

The leader of the state oil company warned of the anti-national sector strategy seeking to dismantle the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution in terms of oil sovereignty and eliminate delivery of resources to social programs in the country
Superior Body reviews development plans in the Orinoco Oil Belt

The oil industry anticipates attracting 12 000 new workers this year to leverage the productive projects of 2012
Pastor Maldonado tried out the FW34

After a small showing in the Williams pits, minutes before making its debut on the track of Jerez de la Frontera, Williams F1 introduced on Tuesday its new car: the FW34, the car on which the British team hopes to have a successful season, led by the duo made up by Pastor Maldonado and Bruno Senna
An event in the number 4 Cardón distiller was controlled

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) reports that at 8:30 this Sunday night a fire broke out at the distillery number 4 (CD-4) of the Cardón refinery, which belongs to Refining Center (PRC)
It was activated a contingency plan in the Complex Jusepín of Monagas

The situation is under control and the multidisciplinary team of PDVSA keeps working
It is being repaired a monobuoy with operational efficiency

Upon activation of an emergency plan after the incident in which Proteus tanker of PDV Marina collided with a monobuoy located right across the Petroanzoátegui upgraders, the service of this system is now in full operation with high reliability and without any inconvenience
PDVSA advances in process to increase oil production

Oil Upgrade rose more than 54%. New developments on Junín will strengthen the country's productive level
The Adequacy in the Oil Belt continues to increase production to 2 MBD

Eulogio Del Pino and Pedro Leon did a monitoring of the tasks that run under the Special Plan of Increase Production
PDVSA CRP carries out a preventive stop of the Cardón reformer

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) reports that on Friday it was detected a leak in the furnace F-301 naphtha reformer Cardón Refinery, belonging to the Paraguaná Refining Center, so it proceeded to a standstill following the protocol of preventive plant shutdown
Pastor Maldonado reaches people beyond sport

Maldonado will be in Europe in the coming days to continue his preparation for the start of the season and preliminary tests in February in Barcelona and Jerez, and then to begin the regular season in March
PDVSA and Enarsa produce 100 thousand barrels of oil

The State oil companies in Argentina and Venezuela form joint venture to process crude from the Orinoco Oil Belt, which will be refined on Argentine soil
PDVSA El Palito Refinery started up the FCC unit

The resort staff from Carabobo refiner carries out operational and safety procedures
PDVSA Petrourica begins construction of clusters and locating in Junin 4

The joint venture estimates to extract the first barrels of crude by the second half of 2012, from the Macolla E4, from which it will be obtained a production of 20 MBD by the end of year and an annual average of 2.3 MBD
PDVSA guarantees crude dispatch to Petroanzoátegui

After the incident last Saturday with the tanker Proteo of PDV Marina, dispatch operations are maintained through the Terminal Storage and Shipping of Oil Jose (TAEJ) without impacting the production or processing of upgraded crude
Bolivarian government oil policy gives back the sovereignty to Venezuela

We managed to promote a new Hydrocarbons Law, establish a new oil royalties and taxes, our policy has allowed us to keep the price of oil and stop the privatization of Petróleos de Venezuela
Venezuela could reach 500 TCF of gas reserves

In 12 years of Bolivarian government, it has joined 21.8 TCF to gas reserves and 2 billion barrels to oil reserves in the country, reaching 296.5 billion, making Venezuela the country with the largest reserves in the world
Chavez: we must be a first world country

During his annual address to the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the head of state, Hugo Chavez, said: "We must take care of the Belt." The President reported that Venezuela has oil for over 200 years and stressed that the energy source must be paid in full by those who require it
Over 100 million liters of fuel shipped to Colombia in 2011

Under the Fuel Export Scheme of the Norte de Santander department of Colombia, the People's Ministry for Oil and Mining, through the Directorate General for Internal Market and PDVSA, sent in 2011 to that jurisdiction 105,458,678 million liters of fuel
"The Orinoco Belt is the great engine of development for the country's economy”

The Head of State said that increasing oil production by 100 thousand barrels per day and multiply by $100 will generate an additional $10,000 daily
The Orinoco Oil Pipeline will transport 750 000 barrels of oil per day

The People's Minister for Petroleum and Mining and president of PDVSA, Rafael Ramirez, said the work is part of the sustained strategic goal for the year 2012, of increase, safe transport, and increased production to 3.5 million barrels
Petroperu and PDVSA established strategic alliances

A Cooperation agreement was strengthened in the development of the petrochemical industry, the supply of Venezuelan oil, the establishment of a fertilizer plant with training agreements
PDVSA drills with own efforts on Junin 10 block

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) began drilling the first well on its own of extra heavy oil in the Junin 10 block in the town José Gregorio Monagas, south of Anzoategui state
PDVSA began the construction of the Battle of Santa Inés refinery

The new refinery llanera in its first phase will produce gasoline and diesel quality and oil for electricity generation
Chavez: "Venezuela is a sovereign country attached to the Constitution and laws"

The head of state said that his government tried to reach an amicable agreement with the U.S. company but they acted with arrogance
PDVSA Morichal District continues sustained increase in production

This represents another record for this area and a source of joy for all workers
PDVSA started FCC corrective maintenance of El Palito Refinery

Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) reports that the fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCC) of El Palito refinery (REP), will be out of service for five days to correct a fault in the slide valves system, which are used to manage the circulation of catalysts in the reaction area
Petropiar PDVSA exceeded annual target in 1800 barrels

Over the twelve months of continuous work and with the Tricolor Plan helping to accelerate production, monthly challenges were made and it demonstrated the capacity and professionalism of the PDVSA Socialist oil workers
The PDVSA El Palito refinery alkylation unit was successfully started

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialist informs the community that the Alkylation Unit of El Palito refinery, a plant that produces components for the fuel mix, is operating
PDVSA and Cardon IV Block companies agreed natural gas supply

Once full production is reached in this area, one thousand 200 million cubic feet of gas, in parallel there will be drawn 37 000 bpd condensate in 2019
Fond Norma confirms certification quality of processes at PDVSA

Workers in Surface Process Management remain committed to continuous improvement of processes, products, and procedures, as part of the corporate culture of the oil industry

It was successfully performed the major maintenance to The Petroanzoátegui Breeder

With these works, there are guarantees of the optimum operating conditions of the facilities to meet operational needs
PDVSA guarantees fuel supply

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) informed the country that the fuel supply in the central states would be normalized from Monday December 19. Some natural events such as persistent rains and swell had impact in the logistic plans on fuel distribution
OPEC decides to maintain current production levels

Countries that increased exports by war in Libya should reduce progressively offer
It was signed an agreement by PDVSA for the transfer of shares of Maracaibo Terminals

This agreement is made with the company that had the largest installed capacity in Lake Maracaibo in 2009
PDVSA Oil Sinovensa topped with 107 MBD its production target for November

PDVSA Oil again successfully passed the goal Sinovensa production scheduled for November, with an average of 107,000 barrels per day (MBD), the achievement was obtained by working in synergy with the workers who apply advanced strategies daily in the field of drilling and completion of wells
Named work for fair and duties of the Venezuelan Constitution of 1999

The renowned international lawyer presented her latest research, which condenses the history, and development of Venezuelan law occurred since the entry into force of the Constitution
Deep Conversion Project PLC progresses to the phase of engineering, procurement, and construction

HDHPLUS ® technology that was created by Intevep to process crude from the Orinoco Belt will be used commercially for the first time in the East-refining center
PDVSA REP starts the boot process of the FCC unit

The boot process and the stabilization of the plant will be culminating during Friday and Saturday
Petropiar culminated in November with three barrels on target

PDVSA Petropiar Ayacucho Division successfully sealed the production for November 2011, exceeding the target volume again planned with 3000 barrels per day (MBD) of extra heavy crude
Venezuela and Brazil ratified oil cooperation

Two of the agreements are referred to the oil sector, in order to deepen the integration between the two nations
Petrocaribe guarantees 43% of regional energy security

Minister Rafael Ramirez set the 8th. Petrocaribe Ministerial Council, it was attended by 14 representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean, in the state headquarters in Caracas
PDVSA will provide resources to build refinery in Brazil

Minister Ramírez said that the use of cash was provided through BNDES, Brazil, and over the line of credit line of $ 1,500 million with China Development Bank, this is for ensuring the progress of the refinery in Pernambuco
Nicaragua stressed social achievements of Petrocaribe

The Energy Minister from Nicaragua said more than 50 projects are being carried out in the Central American nation to improve the living conditions of the Nicaraguan people
Venezuela and Argentina materialized new binational agreements

It has signed a joint study for mature fields from Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) and Repsol YPF, SA
Venezuela and Colombia strengthen regional cooperation

In the energy sector, three agreements were signed to build a pipeline to communicate both countries with the Pacific, an assessment was made of the pipeline network of Colombia and Venezuela to Ecuador and Panama and exploitation of mature fields in Zulia and Apure
Japan and Venezuela strengthen development efforts on the Orinoco Oil Belt

296 billion barrels in proven reserves of extra heavy oil are consolidated in bilateral agreements between the two nations
Venezuela and China will built power plant based on coke combustion

Venezuela has signed 762 agreements with nations in Asia and the Middle East, of which 54 have been in the area of energy and oil, which constitutes 17 percent of the international agreements signed by the Bolivarian Government
Ramirez: Investments between China and Venezuela exceed $ 32 billion

Financing terms were set for 4,500 billion dollars from the Chinese Development Bank to increase production in the Orinoco Oil Belt
Sinovensa Oil reached production record in October

The plant shutdown in 2011 adapted the company to progressively increase production towards the goal of 330 MBD in the next 5 years
PDVSA Petropiar exceeded production target by 4,200 barrels per day

PDVSA Petropiar exceeded by 4,200 barrels per day (bpd) of extra heavy crude the committed volume set for October
2012 budget expects price of oil barrel at $50

Minister Ramírez, during his presentation to the National Assembly Finance Committee, noted the importance of leaving behind the traditional rent-seeking culture and to have an effective system of collection of oil revenues for the people
PDVSA Ayacucho Division installs gas separator to optimize oil production in the Belt

The project was successfully implemented in 12 oil wells in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO)
Ortega: Petrocaribe is an alternative to the capitalism dictatorship

The Nicaraguan president welcomed the presence of delegations at the forum of ministers from the fourteen brother countries of Central America and the Caribbean, "sons of Bolivar and Petion in the land of Sandino", assembled in his country to discuss progress and future plans of the energy agreement
Latin America and the Caribbean received 92,000 barrels per day of crude and products

"Spaces like Petrocaribe, ALBA, UNASUR, the CELAC, have allowed to protect our people from the ravages of the global crisis that is hitting many countries worldwide, a crisis from capitalism, which is structural," Ramirez said
First Phase for El Supremo Sueño de Bolivar Refinery will be done by this year

The fuel supply agreements through Petrocaribe make possible the development of projects of alternative energy generation while boosting agricultural production
Petrocaribe, ALBA, UNASUR and Celac are real instruments for the development of the peoples from the South

The Petrocaribe Energy Cooperation Agreement, along with the Alba, UNASUR and Celac "are experiences that have an important future perspective for our people and are real instruments for development", said the People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and President of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), Rafael Ramirez, during the closing ceremony of the Petrocaribe 7th Ministerial Council culminated in Managua
Haiti recognizes the importance of Petrocaribe’s supports

In addition to the energy works, the Caribbean nation has developed social service programs in the areas of sanitation, housing and social economy
"Petrocaribe is possible only within Revolution"

From the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Managua, the Head of State of the Central American nation offered a warm greeting to the Venezuelan people and to Commander Chavez celebrating his full recovery "now with more strength and vitality"
Controlled fire on upgrader tank PDVSA Petropiar

PDVSA Petropiar informs the country that at 6:38 am on Tuesday at the upgrader of this company, located in the Industrial Complex Jose Antonio Anzoategui, a fire occurred in the tank 61TK012 of vacuum residue from the accumulation of vapors
Petrocaribe: an initiative for the formation of an own geopolitical space

During the opening ceremony of the 7th Ministerial Council of the regional energy cooperation initiative, Ramirez offered an account of the management under the Agreement, which highlighted the 98 thousand barrels of oil which on average are delivered to member nations
More than 80 social projects have been addressed through the Alba Caribbean Fund

Part of the savings obtained from the financing of oil supply are used in social projects such as housing, health and education for the people of the member countries
Nicaragua receives delegations from Petrocaribe

The meeting will provide a presentation about the impact of the Alba-Petrocaribe alliance to improve the quality of life of the peoples of the region within the framework of solidarity, complementarity and cooperation
Vice Minister Jaentschke welcomed arrival of delegations to Managua

The youth of the Sandinista National Liberation Front expressed its support to Petrocaribe, which has allowed several countries in the region to improve their quality of life through various social programs
Petrocaribe can increase opportunities to people of the region

Dominica’s senior official highlighted the significant progress in terms of education, infrastructure and social projects in the region that have been seen in the context of this cooperation agreement
Petrocaribe promotes the union of Latin America and the Caribbean

As part of the energy agreement, we evaluated the possibility of developing projects for development of alternative energy in Granada, in which stands out the geothermal one
Minister Rafael Ramirez: we do not divert in defense of our oil policy

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista was actively involved in the energetic event, which began on Tuesday 27 in the Hotel Venetur Maremares of Puerto La Cruz
Project Oriental Delta Caribe: Spearhead of Gas Revolution

Petróleos de Venezuela signed a contract with French company Technip to accelerate the incorporation of gas to the domestic market and to lead in short term this hydrocarbon to the Venezuelan people
Minister Giordani: investments will increase productivity of the oil industry

The director of PDVSA and the People’s Minister for Planning and Finance met the advances of technology projects that implement the oil industry to promote the continuous improvement of production levels
51 years going strong in the fight for a just appreciation of the natural resource

The strong involvement of our country within OPEC has been focused on the policy of full oil sovereignty of the Bolivarian government, a strategy that promotes the strengthening of the Organization and has allowed an 80% increase in total reserves after it were recognized the quantities of crude oil in the Orinoco Oil Belt
PDVSA Petroanzoátegui begins plant turn off 2011

This work is part of the work covered by the Operational Improvement Division, attached to the Belt Production Management of Exploration and Production of PDVSA, to ensure continuity of processes and contribute to operations under the highest standards of productivity and safety that characterize the business
PDVSA completes full fleet of 42 new tug boats for lake operations

The water operations subsidiary of PDVSA Western Region Socialist complete the replacement of 42 tug boats for operations on Lake Maracaibo, Zulia State, with the arrival on Wednesday of 26 new vessels added to the 16 received in July this year
Ayacucho Division adds 11 thousand barrels to the Orinoco Oil Belt production

The oil industry is expanding its operational infrastructure to increase crude oil production, in line with the objectives outlined in the volumetric Plan Tricolor, which provides for the incorporation of 146 thousand barrels per day by the end 2011
PDVSA set sail of Petrosucre Central Production Platform

This mega structure includes all the necessary facilities to process oil and gas in the Gulf of Paria, specifically at the Corocoro Field
Bolivarian Government encourages mining and oil model

Strategic action will be implemented in two phases 2011-2013 and 2013-2019, for the joint development of geo-economic and geopolitical areas
PDVSA received Tug Boat Guaiquerie at the Guaraguao Marine Terminal

The Guaqueríe is the second of four tug boats acquired by PDVSA in the framework of the treaties signed with Cuba through ALBA, constructed by the West Indian Caribbean Shipyard Drydock Company Inc.
First Venezuelan oil refinery on Chinese soil

Nanhai Refinery is ready to begin its project phase with the recent signing of the framework agreement between PDVSA and PetroChina in a ceremony held in the city of Beijing
Diversification policy ensures markets for Venezuelan oil

Antirevolutionary spokesmen act as U.S. agents who defend corporate interests, for this reason they question the sovereign decisions implemented by the Bolivarian Government
Minister Ramírez: Bolivarian Government measures strengthen and underpin the national economy

Minister Rafael Ramirez and PDVSA president said that with the implementation of policies by the sovereign government of President Chavez, "Every day we are more independent and to that extent, sheltered from the crisis"
PDVSA Petropiar breaks the barrier of 160 MBD

The PDVSA Petropiar joint venture broke last week, the barrier of 160 thousand barrels per day (bpd) of production of extra heavy oil, a goal that has been increasing from an average of 155 MBD from the company after the first quarter and is estimated to keep up by the end of August in the framework of the Tricolor plan
Venezuela oil production exceeded 2.9 million barrels a day

The oil production of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela exceeded 2.9 million barrels a day during May and June, the People’s Ministry for Energy and Petroleum (MENPET) informed
PDVSA West resumed pumping crude to CRP

As expected, on Thursday 11th was resumed the pumping operational conditions to the Amuay refinery of the Paraguaná Refining Center (CRP) in Falcon state, with the completion of the work of replacement of a part in the pipeline Ule-Amuay # 2
PDVSA awarded environmental permits to build the Batalla de Santa Inés refinery

The People's Ministry for the Environment made effective the delivery of Land Occupancy permits and Allocation of Renewable Natural Resources to Petroleos de Venezuela(PDVSA) on the terrain where will be located the new Batalla de Santa Ines refinery, in the parish Torunos, southwest of the town Barinas
Jose upgraders restored operations after power failure

General Management Improvement Division, attached to the Belt Production Executive Directorate, said PDVSA plants Petrocedeño, Petroanzoátegui, Petromonagas and Petropiar normalized operations
PDVSA replaced section of pipeline Ule-Amuay

After the activation of the Contingency Plan by the Executive Director of PDVSA West, due to the rupture presented on Tuesday at the No. 2 pipeline Ule-Amuay, the work is successfully running for the replacement of the affected section (excavation, insulation, drainage and preparation of the new pipeline)
Cuba deliveries Venezuela the tug "Guaiquerie"

PDVSA received in La Habana the tug "Guaiquerie," the second of a total planned of eight boats in the Cuba-Venezuela agreement
It was adjusted the profit margin of gas stations

The People’s Ministry for Energy and Petroleum (MENPET), through the Directorate General Internal Market decided, after a meeting with the directors of the National Federation of Hydrocarbons Employers (Fenegas),to increase the mark-up of service stations. It was in force since 1 st May, to honor commitments not only for the salary increase of 20 000 operators working in these outlets, but with the substantial improvement in service delivery
Press Release

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela announced, through the People’s Ministry for Science and Technology and the People's Ministry for Energy and Petroleum, that the World Bank tribunal, and the Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) has rejected the claim by Brandes Partners LP for lack of jurisdiction
In the West, with their own efforts oil workers recovered the Independence barge

From the dock of Tia Juana sailed to Lake Gas in Central Lake, the Independence barge, after two years of hard recovery work by 40 workers belonging to the managements of Gas Compression, Water operations and Maintenance Staff
Autogas Project contributes to the improvement of public transport

With the delivery of 372 thousand gas-powered vehicles, the Bolivarian Government further develops Venezuelan vehicles with the alternative system of Natural Gas powered vehicles
16 new tug boats reinforce oil operations in the West

Sixteen new tug boats began operations on Maracaibo Lake, these vessels will enhance oil production of PDVSA Socialista in the western part of the country, as part of the sovereign energy policy conducted by the Bolivarian Government led by President Hugo Chávez Frías
PDVSA received hydro treating and hydro cracking reactors for Deep Conversion Project

The machines were designed by highly trained Venezuelan and Japanese personnel
PDVSA Petromonagas relaunch its production in the Orinoco Oil Belt

With the launch of Macolla "July 28" it is expected to reach the goal of producing 127,000 barrels per day
Venezuela owns 20% of world oil reserves

The certification of 296.500 million barrels of oil was made possible by the strong political will of the Bolivarian government, which framed its oil policy with a national, popular, and revolutionary vision, aimed at enhancing the resource
Ramírez: We will keep Venezuela as world energy power

This process takes place since 2005 and has managed to increase the amount of reserves of 77 billion barrels to 296 billion barrels of oil to date
Chavez: Venezuela was recognized by OPEC as the first country of oil reserves in the world

Commander President Hugo Chavez in a telephone conversation with the Executive Vice President, Elias Jaua, said he is in la Havana- Cuba working to approve a strategic document of the horizons of oil production
Venezuela formalized 195.1 TCF in proven gas reserves

It was updated the total volume of gaseous hydrocarbons in the country
The Antonio Ricaurte pipeline is operational

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista reports that the pipeline repair work of Antonio Ricaurte concluded satisfactorily
Fortune: PDVSA, the 3rd strongest in Latin America

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) was strengthened again as one of the world's major corporations, according to the recent publication of Fortune 2010 and his famous list of "Global 500"
Foreign investors show confidence in PDVSA

Our country continues to attract investment from friendly countries and major enterprises are accompanying us in our development plan, said the minister Rafael Ramirez
PDVSA CVP certifies thousand construction brigades in the Orinoco Oil Belt

Mission Ribas, the INCES and municipalities participated in the evaluation and validation of the skills of masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and fife rail
PDVSA and Eni agreed to a $ 2 billion

The funds will be invested in the manufacture of a crude upgrader in Jose that will process 300,000 barrels per day from the Orinoco Oil Belt, and the construction of a 500-megawatt power plant in Guiria, which will support the Coast gas development out
PDVSA pays Petrobonos due to 2011

It was canceled the balance of Petrobonos 2011 for a total of $2.450.000
PDVSA alerts oil spill in the Catatumbo River because of the pipeline sabotage in Caño Limon Coveñas, Colombia

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), through the Executive Director of the West, reports that its workers are alert to an oil spill occurred in the River Catatumbo in Colombia, following an attack on the Cano Limon Coveñas pipeline
Rafael Ramirez: "Here Chavez is the boss.”

During the meeting “Account Balances” of the Great Housing Venezuelan Mission, the president of PDVSA called for the unity of revolutionary forces to continue the process of change led by Commander Hugo Chávez
Financial resources secured to expand the capacity of El Palito and Puerto La Cruz refineries

At the signing of the financing agreement, the Minister said that PDVSA Socialista for 2010 made fiscal contributions amounting to 58,913 billion bolivars and contributions to social development by $20,549 billion dollars, showing a robust business, strong in the service of the Venezuelan people and the construction of Socialism
"U.S. sanctions against PDVSA showed that Venezuela is more united and free"

The lawyer and former diplomat gave a lecture in the auditorium of PDVSA West headquarters to generate discussion and reflections on the imperial aggression
PDVSA and Petroecuador strengthen cooperation on hydrocarbons

At the complex MENPET-PDVSA La Campina, the Venezuelan state-owned company and Petroecuador reaffirmed their strategic alliance through solidarity and cooperation agreements that open new scenarios to agreements for economic growth, supported by Socialism
Venezuelan Chinese Joint Fund renewed credit for the development of the nation

This renewal from FCCV has a new loan from the China Development Bank in the order of 4 billion dollars
PDVSA finished the conceptual engineering phase of Orinoquia´s Solid Terminal

These facilities required for handling coke and sulfur will rise in an area of approximately 149.3 hectares, 4.5 km from the town of Palital in southern Anzoategui
Successful closing of Petrocaribe First Technical Conference

The members of this alliance recognized that the initiative provides important progress, evidenced especially in the social and energy environments product of cooperation and complementarity between nations
Minister Rafael Ramírez: OPEC has a fierce drive when it comes to its strategic issues

The Minister explained that the decision to maintain the current quota of oil its due to that the storage of crude oil consuming countries are at satisfactory levels, with more than 58 days of inventory coverage, above the average of the last five years , in addition to the strategic reserves with which these nations have to meet their energy needs
OPEC recognizes extra-heavy crude from the Orinoco Oil Belt

"We have worked to make visible the largest oil reserve in the world; we have it here in the Belt. Here there was a systematic campaign to say that it was not oil that it was bitumen and that it was not conventional crude oil therefore it was outside the OPEC quotas, "said Minister Rafael Ramirez
Petrocaribe supports regional economic development

The multilateral scheme has led to progress in the realization of a regional economic system fair and equitable, which will consolidate the process of energy independence and sovereignty, integration and solidarity of the peoples of Central America and the Caribbean
With Petrocaribe the desire to achieve energy sovereignty materializes

In the social field projects have been implemented as it is the collection of solid waste, support for rehabilitation of health facilities, supply of machinery for irrigation and road rehabilitation
Petrocaribe: hopeful a change to El Salvador

The initiative represents a radical change in the plan that opens with a spirit of cooperation and integration in the regions of Central America
Petrocaribe ensures energy integration in the region

The 1st Petrocaribe Technical Conferences culminated on Friday June 17th with the presentation of conclusions and commitments for the next ministerial meeting, which will be held in Nicaragua
1st Petrocaribe Technical Workshops started

This plan of cooperation aroused on June 29th 2005 under the principles of unity, solidarity, complementarity, energy security, economic development, conservation vision and sovereign use of energy resources
PDVSA Lake Petroregional celebrates achievements in Industrial Safety, Environment and Occupational Hygiene

Workers in the administrative and operational areas received recognition for their work in safety. PDVSA Lake Petroregional as a joint venture is strengthened with high safety standards
Power lines installation at Santa Ines Industrial Complex began

We are planning to build a power plant that will produce, in a first phase, 100 megawatts to meet all demand for this industrial development and its surrounding communities
Cuba and Venezuela reiterated cooperation and integration

The investment of over $ 1.300 million promotes social programs, especially those relating to drug delivery, biotechnology, educational missions, and agriculture, among other important areas
Eleventh Meeting of the High Level Joint Commission Cuba-Venezuela

Both nations are moving in the expansion projects of the Camilo Cienfuegos refinery and the Hermanos Diaz, located on Cuban soil
Minister Ramírez said we will maintain production levels

The People's Minister for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA President said that the current oil market situation is complicated and there is much uncertainty. "We will continue to assess market fundamentals, inventories, demand, and the situation in Libya. We prefer to wait a few months, "said
OLADE supports Venezuela before U.S. sanctions

The Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), based in Lima, Peru, issued a resolution expressing solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela against the sanctions announced by the U.S. government
President Chavez: attacks against Venezuela are an imperial madness

The National President also spoke about the critical situation facing Iran and Libya, questioned the actions of NATO and the countries which support it
Minister Ramírez: the oil market is in balance

It is necessary to include in the analysis the variable coming from the disruption of production in Libya
PDVSA expects to formalized its enrollment at Abreu e Lima Refinery in August

To advance this process, working groups from PDVSA and Petrobras will hold a meeting, in which the Venezuelan state company shall present the guarantee structure made by the BNDES
Vice president of PDVSA: Venezuela will receive $ 4 billion for infrastructure development

Energy, trade, agriculture, science and technology are some of the areas in which Brazil and Venezuela signed a dozen agreements of cooperation that will benefit people of both nations
The Amuay refinery fire was controlled

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista reported that at approximately 9:00 pm on Saturday, June 4th was a fire in the separator South Amuay refinery processes belonging to Refining Center Paraguaná (CRP), located in the Falcon state
The technical meeting for energy integration began

Participants shall implement integration and energy security strategies, with the aim of reducing inequalities in the region
Solved electrical failure at Amuay and Cardon refineries

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista reports that at 11:13 am on Thursday a failure in the transmission line of 115 Kva, known as Lagoven II, which conducts power from the Cardon refinery to the Amuay refinery, caused the shutdown of the turbine generators Genevapca I and II, affecting various processes from Paraguana Refining Center (CRP9), located in Falcon state
This month we celebrate the opening of the largest storage facility in Central America

To date, Petrocaribe maintains a supply of crude and crude products of nearly 200 thousand barrels per day
Latin America and the Caribbean build alternative block to strengthen energy security

With respect to the various regional multilateral agreements, Minister Ramírez highlighted the progress in infrastructure development and joint projects to be discussed at the ministerial meeting
South Korea Steering Committee was installed

The KNOC's participation in the Orinoco Oil Belt, as well as the cooperation of Korea for the construction of early production in Venezuela will be reviewed at this meeting
South Korea and Venezuela will evaluate joint projects in the Orinoco Oil Belt

Some of the areas in which both nations will cooperate are: construction of infrastructure for early production, financing for new developments and business opportunities in the gas project Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho
"Oil workers are deeply united in favor of the Bolivarian Revolution"

The oil workers have already began the march from Sucre Avenue to meet with their brothers in the square O 'Leary and continue to Av. Bolivar in Caracas
New Labor Mission will generate more than three million jobs

This Mission will be directed to those Venezuelans who first join the labor market, young people who are currently studying, and those who are not working
Bsf. 30 billion are needed to develop Great Venezuela Housing Mission this year

Five major points define the work plan of Gran Mision Vivienda Venezuela (Great Venezuela Housing Commission): territory, government, people's power, financing and materials. The required funds will come from a fund created by the Bolivarian Government and support from the public and private banks
The North of the Plain area Development will balance the economic activity and social development

With regard to the importance of the Great Housing Venezuela Mission for housing development in the country, the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez urged Venezuelans who live in the northern coastal area to think, near future, about the migration to the northern plains, a sector where development is in the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO) which will need large numbers of staff and professional workers
First PDVSA assembled oil platform

The structure was designed with 3D systems and built in the workshops of the joint venture VHICOA
In terms of refining, oil and other improvements PDVSA Intevep and China delegation provide opportunities for technological developments

During the day, they evaluated potential projects for using coke and sulfur derivatives of the core processes of the oil industry
The oil revenues will always be for the benefit of the Venezuelan people

Special prices defined as those whose monthly average international price is greater than $ 40, according to the 2011 budget, and the exorbitant prices are those that exceed $ 70 per barrel
New contribution will bring up to $16 billion surplus a year

With regards to the special contribution by extraordinary prices established in 2008, Ramirez explained that there is an appreciable difference with respect to the new law
New developments in the Orinoco Oil Belt will be tax exempt

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum Rafael Ramírez listed exemptions under the new legal instrument that sets the excess on the oil basket price, which now stands above $ 100 a barrel, on behalf of the Venezuelan people
A Revolutionary Distribution it is being put into place to reach industrialization and national development

The owner of MENPET explained at a news conference about the law establishing the special tax for extra and exorbitant prices in the international oil market, which applies to public and private operators
PDVSA received a delegation from the China Development Bank

Securing the Nation's strategic alliances, PDVSA Socialista through PDVSA East Refining, was part of the III Conference on Development Planning Advice for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from the People's Republic of China, which runs from the 14th to 28th of April in several regions of the country
PDVSA Socialista strengthens alliance with Italy's oil company ENI

Petrobicentenario will become the first refinery to be built at Jose
PDVSA and Petrovietnam materialized partnership of Dung Quat refinery

With four major joint projects, the strategic alliance between Venezuela and the Asian state reaches the entire value chain of the oil business
PDVSA Petromonagas starts cluster drilling with cutting edge drill

The Orinoco Oil Belt’s joint venture, PDVSA Petromonagas as part of its future expansion plan and in order to meet its production quota for 2011, completed set up of one out of two cutting edge drills acquired last year
There is no need to convene an extraordinary meeting of OPEC

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez, in a press conference made to mark the delivery of property titles to families, which are handled by the revolutionary government to families affected by the rains of 2010 at the Complex MENPET-PDVSA in the countryside. He also referred to the armed conflict that is going on in the brotherly country of Libya and the impact this has on the price of oil
President Chavez announced pre-launch of Mission Housing

The president, accompanied by Minister Rafael Ramirez, Executive Vice President of Territorial Development, presented the multifamily property titles to 200 families affected by rain
The sending gas from Colombia to Venezuela was restored through the Transcaribeño pipeline

The pipeline, which opened in October 2007, and daily transport 200 million cubic feet of fuel, is extracted from Campo Ballenas in Colombian territory, to the thermoelectric Complex power plants Rafael Urdaneta and Ramón Laguna, located in Venezuela
Minister Ramirez and FUTPV form a permanent political instance to benefit the Nation

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA President Rafael Ramírez, the representatives of the United Federation of Oil, Gas, and similar ones derived from Venezuela ( FUTPV) and members of the Socialist Vanguard Workers movement (VOS) met in Anzoátegui state in order to address issues relating to the national political situation and the progress of the revolutionary labor relations in the oil industry
The Minister Ramírez held a meeting with workers of ENAVAL

"The National Valve Company is extraordinary. It has a large installed capacity of 4 200 tonnes per year, "said.
Tandanor and Fluvialba strengthen Latin American integration

PDVSA Industrial and Kioshi Company will manufacture high-pressure container cylinders, thanks to an agreement whereby Venezuela will develop the Industrial project Park Natural Gas Vehicle
Mariscal Sucre project began its development in the Patao Field

The four Project Areas have eight wells each and it is expected to produce 200 thousand cubic feet of gas daily in two phases
PDVSA evaluated and defined production strategies 2011-2012

The People’s Ministry for Energy and Petroleum and president of Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista, Rafael Ramirez, held a meeting with directors and managers of exploration and production divisions and joint ventures, to evaluate and define strategies for the state oil company in 2011 and 2012
PDVSA Asphalt and Portuguesa Government agreed a socialist constitution of a transportation corporation

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialist, through its subsidiary PDVSA Asphalt, and the Government of the Portuguesa State, tune details for the constitution of the Socialist Portugueseña Infrastructure Corporation (CORSOINPOR)
The first phase of training future technical from the Battle of Santa Ines’ refinery has finished

After a period of 24 academic weeks, future technical from the Battle of Santa Ines’ refinery completed the first phase of the operators and maintainers training program (PFOM)
PDVSA oil company is a joint venture with Angola and Cuba

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), through its subsidiary Corporación Venezolana del Petróleo (CVP), signed a contract for the Constitution and Administration of a Petroleum Joint Venture Venangocupet, together with Angola and Cuba
"We do not sell our oil at a discount to any international destination"

The Minister of Energy and Petroleum also referred to the process of rescuing the Orinoco Oil Belt that ended the fraud of the old PDVSA on the reference as our heavy crude coal
Ramirez: "The gas projects are in good health"

Minister Ramírez in his speech at the AN outlined the progress made in the development of Venezuelan gas sector project our country as a world energy power
Venezuela's proven reserves amount to 296 thousand 500 million barrels

Venezuela updated and formalized its oil reserves to 296 thousand 500 million barrels in the country, until December 31, 2010, according to Official Gazette number 39615 dated 14 February 2011
Venezuela and Japan signed five cooperation agreements

On Tuesday it was completed the Third Meeting of the Steering Committee Venezuela-Japan with the signing of five agreements of cooperation, as part of the results of the working groups set up to address issues in the Oil and Gas, Finance, Petrochemical, Environment, Electricity and Alternative Energy
PDVSA announces bond issue of $ 3,000 million

PDVSA announced the issuance of a new international bond (the "Offer") for an amount of U.S. $ 3,000 million, with semiannual coupon and maturity equal to depreciation in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, which may be acquired in the primary market in Bolivars at the official exchange rate of Bs 4.30 per U.S. $ 1.00
"There is no reason to call an OPEC extraordinary meeting"

The fair price is at $100 per barrel. We feel comfortable with this price level. By late 2011, PDVSA will increase from 233 to 240 active rigs
Drilling works advance for PetroSaudi Discoverer and PetroSaudi Saturn drilling ships

The drilling ships PetroSaudi Discoverer and PetroSaudi Saturn have continued drilling developments in the Dragon field, and are close to completion of the seventh and eighth well drilled in the area
Venezuela-Citgo heating fuel program assists the most vulnerable Americans

Citgo Petroleum Corporation, a subsidiary of PDVSA, announced the launch of Venezuela-CITGO Heating Fuel Program for the sixth consecutive year, an initiative that has helped 500,000 people each winter, including members of more than 250 indigenous tribes and 234 homeless shelters in 25 states and the District of Columbia, United States
Citgo finishes plant to produce Ultra Low Sulfur Content Diesel

Citgo Petroleum Corporation, a subsidiary of PDVSA in the U.S., reports the construction completion and startup of a major processing unit with capacity of 42,500 barrels per day (BPD) that uses the latest technology to produce Ultra Low Sulfur content Diesel (ULSD) at its refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas. With the completion of this unit, which has been in operation since December, Citgo can now produce 100% of this type of diesel at all its refineries
PDVSA Communal Gas carried out acquisition of Tauro Gas

PDVSA Communal Gas makes the final purchase of the private company Tauro Gas, responsible for distributing the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the Libertador municipality, Baruta, El Hatillo, Sucre and Salias, in order to improve domestic gas service and timely supply to communities
President Chávez oversaw progress in Tiuna City

President Chavez, accompanied by Minister Ramirez, executive vice president of Land Development, announce the progress of this project with the participation of various countries and State agencies under the coordination of the state oil company
Turkish studies share blocks in the Orinoco Oil Belt

In the framework of bilateral energy cooperation projects, PDVSA announced that Venezuela is evaluating the possibility to process crude at the refinery in Turkey
"We will expand our oil and gas resource base” Minister Rafael Ramirez

The Minister stressed that there are no plans to increase the quota of barrels per day this year
PDVSA improves storage infrastructure

The oil industry made significant progress in the project of increasing the crude oil storage capacity at Patio de Tanques Oficina (PTO), with which is preparing for a management increase on volumes of oil
PDVSA announces reopening of Bonds expiring in November 2017

PDVSA announced the reopening of the offering bonds expiring in November 2017 and 8.5% coupon (Titles) for U.S. $ 3,150 million, by private placement and addressed directly to the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) and other funds
Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world

President Chávez emphasized the oil production of more than 3 million barrels a day while giving the annual report at the National Assembly last Saturday
Pastor Maldonado: "it is time to defend the colors of our Country"

The Venezuelan pilot in Formula 1 shared with Venezuelan people the motor racing Williams FW32 car display at Los Próceres and said that he will give all out to leave the name of Venezuela at the top
PDVSA Intevep will develop a robot for underwater operations

The first phase involves the design and assembly of a Remote Operated Vehicle for operations in Dragon Camp, northwest of the Peninsula of Paria. It is estimated that this technology will be ready by 2012
PDVSA gives dignity to families affected by rain

Families have a playground, dining room, Mission Ribas Technical classroom, medical care and transportation, among other services, for students to return to their schools and colleges and do not lose time in the educational area
The legislative and revolutionary people settled in the National Assembly

The "Great Legislative People’s March," demonstrates the level of organization and political consciousness of the Venezuelans and reaffirms the commitment of the revolutionary members of the National Assembly
PDVSA Gas starts up Jusepín 12 Compressor Plant

The Construction of Jusepín 12 Plant is one of the flagship projects of the Gas Compression Directorate in Monagas state. One hundred and twenty million cubic feet of gas per day are handled at the facility with four compressors units
More than 3500 families have been benefited with the launch of the National Gasification Plan in Anaco, which PDVSA GAS manages

The Gasification National Plan of Venezuela considers installing 24 000 miles of distribution network infrastructure to pipe high-density polyethylene, which will benefit 3.260.000 million families which means 16.250.000 million inhabitants and 30 000 traders
PDVSA started successfully the Petrocedeño vacuum distillation plant

After a major maintenance work, it was successfully started the Vacuum Distillation Unit of the Upgrader in the Industrial Complex José Antonio Anzoátegui
With its own efforts and teamwork, PDVSA Petroanzoátegui increases its maximum operation

The units of services and supplies, treatment and processes, maintain 100% efficiency of operations in the Breeder
PDVSA started successfully the Petrocedeño vacuum distillation plant

After a major maintenance work, it was successfully started the Vacuum Distillation Unit of the Upgrader in the Industrial Complex José Antonio Anzoátegui
Underpinned by international standards PDVSA Gas Plants west were certified in 2010

The audit is done to verify the core processes of the organization of Western Gas Processing. Fractionation, storage, and delivery are the ones to emphasize areas that require greater attention
Underpinned by international standards PDVSA Gas Plants west were certified in 2010

The audit is done to verify the core processes of the organization of Western Gas Processing. Fractionation, storage, and delivery are the ones to emphasize areas that require greater attention
Underpinned by international standards PDVSA Gas Plants west were certified in 2010

The audit is done to verify the core processes of the organization of Western Gas Processing. Fractionation, storage, and delivery are the ones to emphasize areas that require greater attention
The Vice of the Territorial Development’s office boosts housing construction in the country

It provides for the manufacture of fiber cement panels and twelve assembly plants in Venezuela, the construction of housing in the Capital District and the states of Vargas, Falcon, Aragua and Zulia to give a response to the presented situation due to heavy rains in nationwide
Eastern Caribbean countries in solidarity with rain victims in Venezuela

As a solidarity demonstration which characterizes the deep integration processes currently being developed in Latin America and the Caribbean, the brotherly nations of Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, sent canned foods, diapers and other supplies to Venezuela, intended for our compatriots affected by the rains of recent weeks
Because of the floods in the country, PDVSA provides humanitarian aid through CITGO

It has been delivered over 300 tons of supplies and is expected to be sent to Maracaibo, between 11 and 14 December 863 tents that will serve to house more than 10,000 flood victims
OPEC maintains production quotas

On leaving the meeting, the People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez reiterated that the price of $ 100 a barrel is fair and he expects that price level is reached next year
PDVSA receives donations for western Caracas’s victims

The acts of solidarity and donations of supplies are still present in the Nucleus Fabricio Ojeda Endogenous Development (Nudefo), Petróleos de Venezuela , SA (PDVSA) structure , located in the parish of Sucre, which is a refuge for two thousand five hundred people affected by recent rains that lashed the country
Cardon refinery resumed operations

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista reports that the Cardon refinery, part of the Paraguana Refining Center (CRP), resumed operations after repairs on the electrical system and adequacy of the units affected by last week torrential rains and thunderstorms that hit the peninsula.
PDVSA announces normal operations in El Palito´s Refinery

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista reports that El Palito refinery (REP) is in normal operation of all process units, guaranteeing the production of fuel and petroleum products to meet the demand of the country’s center west
Venezuela and China agreed on investments above $40 billion

The People's Minister for Energy and Petroleum and president of Petroleos de Venezuela, Rafael Ramírez, informed that it will be establish a joint venture with Sinopec for the operation of Junin Block 1 at the Orinoco Oil Belt
Representatives from Gas Exporting Countries started the 11th Ministerial Meeting in Qatar

The People's Minister for Energy and Petroleum and president of Petroleos de Venezuela, Rafael Ramirez, attended the inauguration of the headquarters located in Doha
The Orinoco Oil Belt: It is the major challenge for oil industry professionals

"We are committed to deliver resources to the Venezuelan people making available all our capabilities, professionalism and loyalty, on the belief that the Oil Belt is a strategic and tangible reality of planetary proportions"
Rainfalls and thunderstorms affected CRP operations

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista reports that on Monday 29 at 6:57 am, a failure in the communication system, in the Amuay refinery circuit, caused disruption and cessation of various units
The Biggest joint investment project between Eni and PDVSA

"I am convinced that today we have laid the groundwork for a grand alliance between Italy's Eni and PDVSA. We have reached a crucial point of our development program in Venezuela, Paolo Scaroni said, the chief executive of oil company ENI, during the signing of agreements relating to the Block Junín 5 of the Orinoco Oil Belt (FPO), which took place Monday at the headquarters of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA, in La Campina, Caracas
PDVSA and Eni are Petrojunín and Petrobicentenaria

Unlike the business scheme developed in other blocks of the FPO, in the formed companies, the extra oil will go directly to a joint refinery to produce derivative and non-upgraded crude
Ramírez: OPEC will hold its next meeting in Ecuador

The expectation within OPEC is to defend the oil value, the organization believes that $100 is the fair price to be achieved and is working on the market fundamentals to maintain that position
PDVSA Gas and Belgazstroy signed a Memorandum of Understanding for gas

The alliance includes construction of plants and pipelines for the consolidation of the national gasification project
PDVSA West repairs crack in the Ule-Amuay Pipeline

The crack was detected on Monday (15th) afternoon, in line 2 at kilometer 130, at the town of Dabajuro, in Falcon
It was successfully completed the testing of the third giant gas well in the Gulf of Venezuela

This is the well 3X Pearl, located in the Cardón IV Block Venezuelan territorial sea; this result increases the gas in place estimates for the block to 14 trillion cubic feet of gas
A new book on International Arbitration was presented

The new book by Hildegard Rondón de Sansó refers to the need for a new vision of law on dealing with conflicts between investors and states without affecting sovereignty and natural resources
PDVSA Gas Communal carried out a temporary take over Marine Gas enterprise

PDVSA Gas Communal made a temporary take of the private enterprise "Marina Gas" which is responsible for distributing the Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Sucre municipality and Guarenas, Guatire and Barlovento sectors from Miranda state, in order to improve the service, to eliminate labor and operational irregularities affecting the distribution, which were reported by the community and affected workers
A new book on International Arbitration was presented

The new book by Hildegard Rondón de Sansó refers to the need for a new vision of law on dealing with conflicts between investors and states without affecting sovereignty and natural resources
PDVSA and Technip France signed a contract to build the first offshore Gas production platform

The contract with the French company represents a historic step which consolidates the objectives of incorporating gas fields from Mariscal Sucre to the domestic market in 2012
Punch Unit PetroSaudi Saturn arrived in Venezuelan territorial waters

On Monday it arrived the PetroSaudi drilling unit Saturn in Venezuelan waters, a boat recently refurbished and repowering for offshore drilling, which can reach more than 7000 meters deep
PDVSA launched the upgrader Petro Anzoátegui

The monitoring of operations of the state oil production registered a processing of 119 MBD of crude diluted
MENPET began Distribution Automation Plan Fuel

People’s Ministry for Energy and Petroleum (MENPET), through the Internal Market Management, began on Monday Automation Plan distribution of fuel in the border area, specifically in Táchira state, in a first stage of public transport vehicles
PDVSA completes first project phase for treatment of effluents production

The national oil industry reached another operational milestone with the launch-in-test phase of a seven cooling towers system for the treatment of effluents production at the Guafita Flow Station belonging to the Apure District
PDVSA and CVG drive Venezuelan coke industrialization

The initiative will enable the creation of a national calcination and sieving socialist enterprise of coke production with a capacity of 550 thousand tons

Balance of trade between Venezuela and Portugal increased over 1000%

The balance of trade between Venezuela and Portugal went from 17 to over 200 million euro in 2009, representing an increase of more than 1000%
PDVSA controls failure at the Petroanzoátegui compressor

Skilled workers working in the correction of the deviation hope to restore operations normality in the plant
PDVSA Lake Petroregional performs scheduled plant shutdown

First major operational maintenance done in the area since started operations
Central West Interconnection Project is in final stage

The compressor represents the final phase of the Central West Interconnection Project (ICO). It will comply with the gas unload function, gas which comes from the east of the country. 4,500 people have benefited from the social works generated by the project
Venezuela will participate in the largest gas field in the world

During the recent visit of President Hugo Chávez to Iran it was signed several agreements on energy, which will affect significantly on the downstream oil sector
Petro Anzoátegui resumes operations of upgrading extra-heavy crude

During the repairs it was remained smoothly products delivery to domestic and foreign markets, due to the optimal production conditions and the work of plant personnel
Petro Anzoátegui resumes operations of upgrading extra-heavy crude

During the repairs it was remained smoothly products delivery to domestic and foreign markets, due to the optimal production conditions and the work of plant personnel
PDVSA El Palito refinery dispatches second load of fuel to China

This refining complex has a run of 137 thousand barrels oil, 62 thousand barrels in the catalytic fractionation unit and 15 thousand barrels in Alkylation
Humanitarian achievements from the Cuba-Venezuela agreement result in social happiness for both peoples

Celebrating ten years from the signing of this cooperation agreement, the benefits in health, agriculture, education, culture and technology show what people can reach when they decide their destiny on a sovereign and independent way
Venezuela will supply Belarus 200 thousand barrels per day in 2011

From the cumulative oil bill 20% is reserve to complement trade or finance investment
Venezuela and Russia close deals worth over $ 4 billion

Caracas and Moscow have signed new agreements for investment in exploration, production and transportation of oil, construction of gas compressor plants, as well as the acquisition of Ruhr Oel by Russia
PDVSA extended dates for the exchange of Petrobonos 2011

PDVSA informs the holders of the Petrobonos 2011, that the due date for submitting early redemption instructions will be the date of expiry of the redemption process, on 12 November 2010
The interest on bonds with maturities will be paid by PDVSA through 2014, 2015, and 2016

Telephone numbers provided by PDVSA are: (0212) 7085368 and 7083064 to support the bondholders in the collection of their income
PDVSA announces awarding of 2017 Notes

These results confirm, once again, the confidence of investors and the financial community in the main industry of all Venezuelans

PDVSA Asphalt took over operational control of the asphalt factory "Costa Oriental Del Lago"

In strict compliance with the laws, the Bolivarian Government, through Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), took over the operations of the asphalt plant located in Ciudad Ojeda, Lagunillas municipality, Zulia state, which has now been renamed Socialist Production Unit (USP) of Asphalt and Concrete Ready Mix "Costa Oriental del Lago"
José Antonio Anzoátegui Terminal successfully continues undergoing maintenance

PDVSA East Refinery runs with responsibility and compliance, the established time line maintenance plan at the Crude Storage and Shipment Terminal "José Antonio Anzoátegui", a work that ensures the systems operational continuity under reliable standards
Venezuela and Cuba break the blockade with the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between the two nations

Throughout the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement, coordinated by the Cuba-Venezuela Joint Commission headed by the People’s Minister for Energy & Petroleum and PDVSA Socialista President, Rafael Ramirez, Venezuela has the Barrio Adentro Mission, a well established networks for primary health care in Latin America
Venezuela, Syria, Iran and Malaysia will install a refinery with a capacity of 140 thousand barrels of oil

The energy agreements have strengthened during the international tour undertaken by the Venezuelan president to European countries, the Middle East and Africa
2017 PDVSA bonds exempt from payment of Income Tax

For more information, visit PDVSA Bonds at the portal www.pdvsa.com
PDVSA's contributions to the nation increased by the end of June, 2010

The financial results reflect transparent and effective management to ensure continuity on projects necessary for the development of the country
Venezuela and Iran form shipping company for export and transportation of crude

The development of this joint shipping company will enable Venezuela to export more than half million barrels of oil to Europe and Asia
Venezuela and Iran strengthen energy cooperation

During his visit to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, President Chavez has signed more than 6 instruments for energy cooperation to promote development of the national oil industry
Venezuela gets rid of a bad deal with the sale of Ruhr Oel

The company, based in Germany, acquired during the Fourth Republic, never gave profits to the country, nor refined domestic oil, or provided jobs for Venezuelans
PDVSA calls for exchange of Petrobonos 2011

For terms and conditions of the exchange, visit the portal www.pdvsa.com
PDVSA Asphalt operates with an advance technology and respect for the environment

The first Socialist Unit of Asphalt Production in Barinas "Veguita" serves as a model for the rest of the country. On average, the costs are lowered by 35%
"There was no reason to change the level of production"

The owner of the energy release also noted that inventories are at the highest levels of the past five years
The Nationalization of Fertinitro guarantees a food chain production

People’s Ministry for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA President Rafael Ramírez headed the making Fertinitro facilities, located in the Industrial Complex Jose Antonio Anzoátegui, together with workers, representatives of the FUTPV, VOS, and directors of subsidiaries and businesses, following the nationalization decreed by President Hugo Chávez
"The New Socialist Venoco was born”

With the nationalization of the lubricants company Venoco, the Bolivarian Government takes a further step in the construction of socialism, supporting the full Petrochemical sovereignty, with the participation of workers in the new company Venoco Socialist "It was that Asdrúbal Chavez, vice minister of Petrochemical and Refining PDVSA vice president said at the time of participating in a rally where people of Carabobo supported the decision by President Hugo Chávez
PDVSA announced a bond issue of $ 3,000 million

The supply of such bonds shall be addressed to national production companies and natural persons domiciled in Venezuela
The Bolivarian government assumed operational control of Venoco and FertiNitro

Ramirez stressed the participation of workers in this process of strengthening the socialist revolution, while ensuring the elimination of figures such as outsourcing and shameful exploitation of the working class
PDVSA pays interest to bondholders

Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) informs all holders of PDVSA bonds maturing in 2017, 2027 and 2037, according to preset conditions in the paper issued on 12 April 2007 Tuesday 12th it shall pay interest for the six months ended in October 2010
Venezuela and China exchanged knowledge for industrial protection of oil fields

PDVSA Socialista moves towards strengthening its security and safety systems, through technology exchange agreement with the Asian nation
PDVSA restarts operations in Bonaire’s Terminal

The reopening of the complex is recognition of the irrevocable commitment of PDVSA and its workers with the community, safety, environment and operational efficiency

First Socialist Production Unit "Veguita" provides the country with 1,400 tons of asphalt a day

This initiative has achieved the highest quality flooring at the lowest cost, since it achieves a saving of up to 35% in the construction of roads
Volunteering is one of the values of oil worker

José Antonio Páez Hospital of Guasdualito in Apure was benefited from the repair work done voluntarily by employees of PDVSA, to achieve the revitalization of the boiler room of that institution
Guamache, Catia La Mar and Carenero facilities were certified

Protection Corporate and Loss Control Management of Petróleos de Venezuela, S. A. (PDVSA), through the functional management of comprehensive protection presented certificates of the International Code for Ship Protection and Port Facility (PBIP) in a ceremony held on Thursday at the Simón Bolívar lounge in the MENPET-PDVSA Complex in which plaques of appreciation were awarded to male and female workers
Pastor Maldonado: you have to continue fighting for the Venezuela we want

The pilot of the GP2 champion 2010 series, Pastor Maldonado visited the exhibition areas of PDVSA La Estancia in Maracaibo on Friday, just before the meeting he held with athletes at the stadium Zulia José Encarnación Pachencho Romero "
Asphalt Socialist Plant drives to the development in Barinas

With an investment of 73 billion bolivars on Wednesday 22 it was inaugurated the Socialist Production Unity of Asphalt and Ready Mix concrete, located in the Veguita sector, in the municipality Alberto Arvelo Torrealba in the Barinas state
LPG conversion system seeks to optimize fleet with fuel-switching

With LPG Natural Gas (CNG) -based engine, it is being inserted in the culture of the Venezuelan fuel gas through a system much more clean, green, safe and one that push other items of the national economy
The Puerto La Cruz refinery, six decades ensuring fuel to eastern Venezuela

Refining East team daily strives to maintain the operation of the plant and the continuity of its processes, reaching 51 million barrels processed in distillation units in Puerto La Cruz refinery so far this year
PDVSA Announces New Bonds

PDVSA announced to the country's newly issued Petrobonos to the public, which will be for an amount of three billion dollars, which will be done through the Integrated Monetary Transactions in Foreign Currency (SITME) under the control of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV)
PDVSA Socialista restored in record time shipment of crude to CRP

The technical staff of the oil industry proceeded to perform the corresponding actions in order to maintain active operations, by increasing oil shipments for lines 1 (Ule-Amuay) and 3 (Puerto Miranda-Cardón), while the failure was corrected
PDVSA E & P West achieves record in managing environmental liabilities

The Sanitation and Restoration Management of the Environment Directorate of PDVSA Socialista, the Bolivarian National Guard and the People’s Ministry of for the Environment, were the agencies involved in the different phases that contemplated the collection, packaging, and moving of hazardous waste materials contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
CITGO opens unit ultra-low sulfur diesel

The Lemont refinery produces 100 percent ultra low sulfur diesel, and other high quality refined products like gasoline and jet fuel
The Paraguaná Windfarm Project is progressing

The commitment of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with Petrocaribe remains firm. There have been no changes in the financing policy of this energy cooperation agreement, and supply is guaranteed
The Paraguaná Windfarm Project is progressing

The vessels “Arizona and Weser” from Spain came to the peninsula of Paraguaná with a equipment for the construction for the Paraguaná Windfarm project which is currently in the first phase and it includes the installation of 24 wind turbines
PDVSA has 100 new environmental supervisory

A contingent of 100 workers was trained to serve as comprehensive environmental supervisors in the business and subsidiaries of the Industry
PDVSA Socialista guarantees gas to the national electricity system

With the launch of the fast answer generation plant Termozulia IV, there has been generating 150 megawatts to the Zulia state
PDVSA Intevep and the Petroleum Research Center of Cuba set joined technological projects

For three days experts from both nations developed an extensive work plan that will allow the implementation of long-term technologies in their oil industries
Rafael Ramirez: Oil income is a tool to build Socialism

The Minister recalled that the fifth column, in the past gave the hydrocarbon industry to transnational corporations, "now they seek to enter the National Assembly"
"Communal councils ensure gas cylinders distribution at a fair price?

Collection Center "Gas Bolivariano del Sur, located in the municipality of San Francisco, will be handled by four neighborhood community organizations and it is our number 36th to open in the country
PDVSA reactivated three drilling rigs south of Anzoátegui

Opened first headquarters of PDVSA Intevep Belt to facilitate the development of new technologies to boost the recovery factor of heavy crude in the Orinoco Oil Belt
Asphalt PDVSA and China Road and Bridge Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding

With the signing, in Barinas, of this Memorandum of Understanding, Asphalt PDVSA, a PDVSA subsidiary for road infrastructure projects, and CRBC, a leading international contractor in the road and transport sector, undertake on the cooperation for the development of our country roads
Bajo Grande Fractionation Plant 40 years of operations

PDVSA Gas has two fractionation plants in western Venezuela, one of which is Bajo Grande, located in La Canada de Urdaneta, which supplies natural gas to seven states in the country for industrial and domestic use. The Bajo Grande Fractionation Plant became operational in June 1970. The structure is designed to produce 25,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids
PDVSA opened socialist enterprise for the recover of environmental liabilities

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez inaugurated on Saturday the factory for recuperating oil pipes for structural use Kariña, a company that will transform them in raw material for housing construction and social environmental liabilities projects generated by the national oil industry
PDVSA and Odebrecht initiates engineering and construction projects in the East of Venezuela

The project involves the extension and adaptation required for optimal implementation of HDH PLUS technology, developed by INTEVEP
Venezuela increased its proven reserves to 185.2 TCF gas

Venezuela increased its proven reserves of natural gas to 185.2 trillion cubic feet, which awards Venezuela the ninth place on the list of countries with the largest proven gas reserves and first place in Latin America, according to the published Official Gazette No. 39,486 of August 26th, 2010
PDVSA third nationalized drill is operating

With the implementation of these drills it is guaranteed the oil and economic sovereignty of the Venezuelan people
The construction of the Batalla de Santa Inés refinery advances

The vice president for Refining, Trade and Supply from PDVSA Socialista, Asdrubal Chavez, along with the governor of Barinas state, Adan Chavez, made inspections in the areas of access and temporary offices in the future refinery Batalla de Santa Inés, located at 25 kilometers from the city of Barinas
PDVSA Communal Gas introduced a double work shift at the Cipriano Castro Filling Plant

PDVSA Socialista’s subsidiary engaged with President Hugo Chavez guidelines of giving power to the people doubled its shift at the gas filling plant Cipriano Castro
Cuba awarded PDVSA workers

A team of workers belonging to the Executive Board of Environment from PDVSA formed a delegation that traveled from Venezuela to Cuba, in support of the inhabitants of the coastal areas northwest of the island, an area of great importance in regards of biodiversity, fishing and tourism
Amuay Flexicoquer started after successful maintenance

This plant, located at the refinery Amuay, Paraguana Refining Center, is under major maintenance every 24 to 30 months. The shutdown did not affect the optimum fuel supply to the domestic and international market
First nationalized drill began operations

45 workers were absorbed by the oil industry in an act of social justice
Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago signed gas exploration agreement

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez emphasized the joint work effort and the willingness to deepen relations
PDVSA Socialista engaged in Venezuela’s development

The Bolivarian Government led by Commander President, Hugo Chávez, guarantees ownership of its natural resources to all Venezuelans for the development of the country
PDVSA Communal Gas activated its Socialist Offensive plan 2010

Planning the incorporation of 10,500 “Vencedores” (graduates from the Mission Ribas) to speed up communal gas distribution throughout the national territory
"Alberto Lovera" power plant presents 90% progress in its construction

With this infrastructure it will be ensure power supply in Puerto La Cruz, Barcelona and surrounding areas
Finished second expansion project in Methanol Plant at Anzoátegui State

This infrastructure has a daily production capacity of 2,500 metric tons of this component, used in the upgrading of gasoline octane to supply the domestic and export markets
Minister Rafael Ramirez halted PDVSA’s yellow alert status

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and PDVSA Socialista President, Rafael Ramírez, announced the ceasing of the yellow alert status held by the oil workers since last July 25th, in response to hostile actions from the back then still in office former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the U.S. imperialism
PDVSA Socialista regained its status as the Venezuelan state company

In an exclusive interview given to Telesur-TV channel, Minister Rafael Ramirez referred to issues related to the energy sector, such as the policy for Full Petroleum Sovereignty, the Oil Sowing Plan and the recovery of the main Venezuelan company
Isla refinery operating normally

The protest held by workers in the Isla refinery, located in Curacao, leased to Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista, stopped on Monday, after the warring parties reached an agreement
PDVSA Industrial will assume operations in Las Salinas de Araya

In order to reactivate the salt production for industrial and domestic use, PDVSA Industrial will assume the production operations, distribution and marketing of Las Salinas de Araya, by a concession contract granted by the government of Sucre state for a period of 25 years, which was signed on Friday August 6th by Governor Enrique Maestre, and the president of the non-oil subsidiary, Ower Manrique
PDVSA Petropiar exceeds production goals

PDVSA Petropiar, a joint venture from the Ayacucho Division in the Orinoco Oil Belt, holds its line of production up by the closing of July with an average of 151.1 thousand barrels per day (MBD)
FCC Unit from El Palito Refinery operating normally

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista informs the commissioning of the Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCC) from El Palito refinery, after maintenance work was carried out in the 600 pounds steam generator of this plant, which produces components for the blend of fuels
PDVSA Socialista assets and equity increased during 2009

Representatives from banking, finance and media attended the presentation ceremony given by the People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and President of PDVSA Socialista Rafael Ramirez, on the operational and financial results from Venezuela’s main company
Oil workers defend Venezuelan sovereignty

Workers expressed support for the revolutionary process, so they will be ready to defend the country from an attack
Minister Ramirez: before an aggression, Venezuela will suspend oil supplies to the United States

Instructions were drawn and placed PDVSA Socialista in "yellow alert"
Opened first portable service station in Venezuela

The unit has the capacity to store 25,000 liters of fuel to supply about 350 vehicles per week
Vargas State has a new domestic gas collection center

The state oil deepened alliances with the people to support the delivery of this energy resource at the regulated price
PDVSA and the British Embassy carry out a Venezuela-UK Energy Meeting

More than a hundred leading experts on oil will be involved; both domestic and international experts will share workshops in the areas of subsoil, infrastructure, refining, environment and education, among others
A Second equipment shipment arrived at the Paraguaná Eolic Park

The Eolic Park will have a total of 74 wind turbines that will put up 100 megawatts of clean energy into the national power system
El Palito refinery began to start up processes in its Distillation and Specialties Units

Petróleos de Venezuela Socialista informs that El Palito refinery meets the final stage of its starting up process of distillation and specialties units, after the power event that paralyzed the activities on Thursday July 15, 2010
Recovered drilling rig will begin operations in Monagas

The installation of this first drill will help boost up production in the District Furrial, which will include the addition of six more equipments
PDVSA Agricultural and a Chinese company will boost Venezuela’s agro-industry

The agricultural subsidiary will own 70% and the Asian company, 30%. The aim is the implementation of sustainable, strategic and structuring projects for agricultural exploitation at the Orinoco Oil Belt
"We will give continuity to the knowledge contest organized by the OPEC"

People’s Ministry for Energy and Petroleum and president of Petróleos de Venezuela Socialist (PDVSA), Rafael Ramirez, congratulated MENPET-PDVSA complex in la Campiña, to the team which participated in the international competition of knowledge about the oil industry, conducted by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) as part of celebrations for its fiftieth anniversary
PDVSA repairs a weekly average of 117 leaks at the Lake Maracaibo

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum and president of Petroleos de Venezuela Socialista, Rafael Ramirez, stated that opponents to the Bolivarian government in the Zulia state are looking to make a comparison between the gruesome oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by BP and the leaks that occur in Lake Maracaibo
Oil collection in the Tamare River reaches 80%

Production Unit Tia Juana Tierra together with the Environment Management from the state oil company in the west reported that the oil containment was made with the placement of barriers from the time the leak was detected
Sabotage and divestment from the Zulia State Governor’s Office threaten Lake

The Zulia State Governor’s office has evaded its responsibility towards the Lake Maracaibo, since it was suppose to spend 20% of what was received via the Special Economic Allowance Act (LAEE) for the cleaning and protection of the watershed. By this act 900 million Bolivares were received by the governor’s office between 2009 and 2010
PDVSA schools students will use free software

With this application, the state oil company complies with the Presidential Decree 3390, which states that all organs and agencies of the National Public Administration will begin the process of gradual and progressive migration to free software
PDVSA began construction of Eolic Park Paraguaná

It is estimated that for the first half of 2011 the park will supply 30 megawatts to the peninsula’s power system
PDVSA Intevep develops technology for oil upgrade on surface

Venezuela¡¦s main business moving towards technological independence in the hydrocarbon sector
CIGMA Services Pier starts Bicentenario piling

This work allows to simultaneously attending to twenty five offshore platforms and six support vessels located in the Mariscal Sucre project area
More than 4000 fishermen reaffirm their defense of the Lake and support for the Commander Chávez

More than five thousand PDVSA workers voluntarily joined the cleaning action on the banks
An act of social justice represents nationalization of drills

Faced with the refusal of the Helmerich & Payne to put to work platforms, PDVSA aims to develop the plan for the operation and control of equipment which ensures the generation of potential, set in the Oil Sowing Plan
Workers support nationalization and recovery of Helvesa

Under the leadership of PDVSA Industrial, a subsidiary of PDVSA, the private company formerly known as Helvesa, now renamed by workers as the Batalla El Juncal, started operational activities with the purpose of significantly improving production of large diameter pipes and meet the workers requirements
Minister Rafael Ramirez visited the ICVT drilling rigs factory

The head of the Menpet noted that this joint venture will contribute to achieve the goal of technological independence in the Venezuelan oil industry
PDVSA advances in environmental cleaning up works on the shores of Lake Maracaibo

Socialist Petróleos de Venezuela advances in the oil environmental cleaning up works in the affected coast of Lake Maracaibo, with the support of communities and fishermen tips
Intevep PDVSA will provide specialized technical assistance to joint ventures in the East of the country

With this alliance, the main Venezuelan industry is moving towards achieving the Oil Sowing Plan objectives, and consolidation as a world energy power
Petróleos de Venezuela informs the Venezuelan people

In early 2009, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) began a rates renegotiation process with all the companies that provide services in the country. Within this strategy, in the case of the drilling rigs, 33 companies were involved, only one, Helmerich & Payne (H&P), refused to agree
"Our workers have in custody the drilling rigs"

The nationalization of the drilling rigs from the American contractor H & P will result in an increase in oil and gas production in the country
We will not tolerate pressure from the private sector

The president of PDVSA, Rafael Ramirez, reiterated that they will not allow actions like the ones from the oil sabotage
PDVSA counts with a patriotic Management

The Exploration and Production Vice-Presidency will serve from San Tomé, Anzoátegui state, and the technology research centers of the state will be closer to the oil operations
Workers are involve in the Tavsa recovery

Industrial PDVSA, a Petroleos de Venezuela subsidiary, together with workers united, carry out the full recovery of the Steel Pipes Venezuela Factory SA (Tavsa), which was paralyzed by his former private owners
Venezuela will assume sovereign control of 11 drilling rigs

The Peoples Minister for Energy and Petroleum reported that an application have been filed for the Public Utility Declaration approval for the Helmerich & Payne (HP) drilling rigs, to the National Assembly to assume control over the equipment and to avoid sabotage on the operations
PDVSA workers share knowledge with Bolivian technicians

As part of the strategic partnership between Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) and Bolivian Fiscal Oilfields (YPFB), PDVSA workers in Bolivia dictated the course Geophysics: Seismic reflection, introduction workshop to seismic data processing, which also covered important aspects of the acquisition of 2D and 3D data, both conventional and converted wave, in addition to covering basics of seismic interpretation
Guanare sugar production broke records in the country

This year, production reached 25 thousand tons of sugar. It is estimated that the 2010-2011 harvest will start the last week of November closing in April and its production will increase by 100 percent
President Chavez announced the creation of socialist Petroindustrial bases

Chavez asked on Sunday June 13th for the José Antonio Anzoátegui Complex to become the first socialist industrial base to advance in the building of Socialism
Granma and 5 Heroes barges began operations in Maracaibo Lake

These self-propelled units perform inspection tasks of underwater lines, replacement of 2 to 6 inches pipe sections, installation and replacement of pipe clamps and connectors, shortening response times and generating savings for the oil and gas operations
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes issues ruling in favor of Venezuela

Claims arising from the increase in royalties and tax rates on oil were excluded, action taken in exercise of the Full Petroleum Sovereignty Policy
This is a historic battle against oligarchy

In a clear demonstration of revolutionary commitment more than 8000 workers gathered on Tuesday at the Bolivarian Dome in Cabimas to unanimously support the food policy of the Revolutionary Government of President Chávez, represented by the Food Producer and Distributor (PDVAL)
The oil workers are moral and political role models to the Revolution

The People’s Minister for Energy and Petroleum stressed the importance of the historical and leading role played by the workers of the New PDVSA in strengthening the Bolivarian Government and urged them not to lower their guard against attacks from the oligarchy
PDVSA undertakes plan to eradicate environmental liabilities in Apure

This plan culminates at the end of 2010 with the treatment of Guafita field, GF-37 well
In the Orinoco Oil Belt there are aims to add 60.000 additional barrels by the end of 2011

In order to delve into the importance that represents the Orinoco Oil Belt (OOB) for the development of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the national and international oil industry, Petroleos de Venezuela, SA ( PDVSA) participated in the 2nd. Heavy Crude International Congress organized by the Monagas State Oil Chamber and carried out in the city of Maturin
Cleaning work in Amuaycito continues

The cleaning work and collection of algae in Amuaycito have been 90% completed, thanks to the joint efforts of the communal councils, the area’s fishermen council as well as the workers of PDVSA's Paraguana Refining Center (CRP), in Falcon state
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